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  1. wait a minute- did Steve Yzerman retire as a player?
  2. Kiefer Bellows leaving BU...sounds like he's headed to Portland in the WHL
  3. so zero hockey east...need other NCHC teams to do the job vs them then.
  4. good league
  5. we were the only team to beat them after January...
  6. 7pm central
  7. I do think that the best two teams made it to the final. I think UND, WMU, BU, Harvard, Minny, and Lowell were right behind, any given night... Then Penn State, Ohio State, Union, Cornell, Providence, Notre Dame, Air Force, BC just behind them
  8. Florida won't allow him to ride pine or take limited minutes- they will sign him and send him to the Coast
  9. as i told MM...thats one way to avoid the mimosa treatment...
  10. Deep Sympathy to her family...we all got to claim her, but she was someone's truly special grandmother.
  11. Well that's one way to avoid mimosas!
  12. No- it would be a verbal- which is worth the paper it's written on
  13. To the Coast- he's got a tough road ahead of him