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  1. I thought the same thing. I think his head is fine. He reacted like it was the arm or shoulder or collarbone...dislocated shoulder is best scenario...put the joint back in place, give him a shot, and he can go. Might not have the same howitzer from the blue line, but can still be very effective.
  2. Agree it was vastly different. UMD was trying to intimidate not injure. They went over the edge, but did not commit crimes. basically, I think the approach was "we can't skate with them, so let's beat them up"
  3. So I watch a lot of WHL...you would NEVER witness what we witnessed last night in a "dub" playoff game. Why not? you ask...same high level of hockey, many guys the same age, big stakes...simplest answer is 5 for Fighting...and guys with poor reps have to fight night in and night out. Hard to advocate for fighting when people can really get permanently damaged, but it seems to work for the game in the dub... You could really shake it up and add a "gratuitousness factor" that granted both a pp and a penalty shot if things were out of control.
  4. just cleared my calendar Friday afternoon...haven't seen BU play this year- other than half of their roster at the WJC
  5. Kid is a physical specimen. Probably the most NHL-ready player on our team. If he can go, he will go. Here's to wishing him a speedy and full recovery. Post credible updates please and well wishes.
  6. I would've had Smith send a true message tonight...drop the gloves and feed somebody
  7. I used to really respect the Bulldogs as a team that played the game the right way. That respect is lost after tonight. I will cheer for any team playing them from here on out.
  8. Fargo: DU vs MTU Union vs UND Cincy: UMD vs OSU WMU vs PSU Prov: Minny vs Prov Lowell vs AF NH: Harvard vs Notre Dame BU vs Cornell
  9. I thought in slow-mo that he broke his arm
  10. Promptly smacked by ringneck28
  11. His ability to create something out of nothing with a man on him down low is the best that I've seen since Parise. His two way play at the pivot is the best I've seen since Toews. Not bad to remind me of two NHL all-stars...
  12. The year that UMD won a natty, UND had their number all year...
  13. Roseau vs Warroad has better attendance than the pig 10 reported
  14. Most scenarios that I run have Fargo as DU vs WCHA champ and Union vs UND
  15. Now repeat after me...no mimosas and handys tomorrow morning boys!