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  1. bubba is the best glad we hired him
  2. Lol ralston and Hennessy fighting on radio this morning about which brand they should be. Ralston says Nike has better performance hennessy says adidas looks better hocmey will drive this one
  3. Was told by the gobc if it fails to be developed jlg gone to fargo
  4. The gobc endorses no to grow
  5. It's funny. All these guys get one game of big time college ball and they think they can play in the major conferences is dirk a Mormon? i will miss his entrance tho
  6. Jones said this is big time college ball and needs a big time contreact maybe he should be incommunity more like bubba
  7. Reminds me of a smirf called panzer
  8. Sounds like holding out for more $$$
  9. Umd bids at home I've
  10. Read his latest vlog
  11. Schloss the crusader is up to his old tricks again and spewing rumors
  12. How long of drive is it? Me and three friends would be in
  13. Where's Johnny boy at
  14. Remind me of und last year go denver