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  1. Umd bids at home I've
  2. Read his latest vlog
  3. Schloss the crusader is up to his old tricks again and spewing rumors
  4. How long of drive is it? Me and three friends would be in
  5. Where's Johnny boy at
  6. Remind me of und last year go denver
  7. Lol another dive for umd
  8. How come she hasn't got us more $$$ if she wants to keep it
  9. What else has been cut? Nothing in news???
  10. No closing of majors either like we did? wish we had a hospital in gf that had money like ndsu does
  11. Idalski said he knew it was coming. Just didn't want to admit it
  12. The state isn't going to let that close port had a good article on that how bresciani just did it with out permission and knew this would end up like this why they only cut 3.5 million and we had to cut a lot more
  13. While we are contracting ndsu is expanding they bought nursing school with Sanford now are taking it over fully with state $$$ Kennedy bowing down to ndsu???he should be in bismarck lobbying!!!
  14. What's losses for each sport? How much is big sky revenue sharing?