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  1. gfhockey

    Things to do in GF

    I have been shot with a tranq before. Weird feeling but it didn’t slow me down. Just made me feel buzed
  2. gfhockey

    Brewster named new Women's BB Coach

    I see we lost an assistant to be an assistant at a d-2 program.
  3. gfhockey

    2018 Season

    The gobc has had several meetings with chaves
  4. gfhockey


    I like Cunningham play by play tho his rants on knox get tiresome but excellent pxp guy but hennessy will be working for a long time. Would imagine.
  5. gfhockey


    Ralston is way to big of a homer for me after the choke job incicdent. Alnost like he is scared to say anything critical
  6. gfhockey

    Whose cho Lee?

    Yo cho Lee sup dude? Who are you
  7. gfhockey

    2019 UND Recruiting

    Anyone ever know what happend to Tony’s aunt
  8. gfhockey

    2019 UND Recruiting

    Good get but how many te do we need we don’t even use em
  9. gfhockey

    NCAA Finances - Schools Revenue / Expenses

    Revenue won’t change much as most sports that were cut were non revenue i expect expenses to go down
  10. gfhockey


    How much it even pay? Tim works 3 jobs radio sells beer and calls hockey games
  11. U guys do realize kem went to the media first right? kennedy never went tot he media
  12. gfhockey


    Looker sell beer?
  13. gfhockey

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Who made the playoffs all 4 years?
  14. He got a “phone call” and excused him self coming from one of the lead negotiaters
  15. gfhockey


    Damn good beer salesmen he is