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  1. Too many men???? Wtf
  2. How can they call that back that long of review should be inconclusively
  3. How can they make a conclusive call
  4. Party bus is leaving mcmenamys. 3 4 1s baybay
  5. When will we get percentages on what people picked
  6. We have cut men's sports but have only added women's sports since if we cut funding to wih we should be ok
  7. Give it to jones!
  8. And my gobc sources says he's back at usd
  9. I'll take matvik over holden
  10. Just would get inside info from playas from team rhere
  11. We never had meetings there
  12. It has a few months left
  13. What was attendance compared to other years
  14. Lol jones