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  1. Agreed. Not an upset, that's for sure.
  2. ND winning all the puck battles.
  3. Hahahahaha. Lacrosse!
  4. They didn't need indisputable evidence to prove he was onsides. It was called a goal on the ice. They needed indisputable evidence that he was offsides and if they have to go that far back, and take that long it couldn't have been indisputable. Yes, the Sioux had plenty of chances to win that game, but I think the call after the review is wrong.
  5. They get high draft picks to sign early by having them play in end of year games, thus burning a year on their entry level contract.
  6. I do too. Tons of potential. I think he'll be remembered as a very special player by the time he leaves, hopefully after NEXT season.
  7. We're lucky that Brock picked UND. Great player, had a lot of fun watching him. I wish him nothing but the best going forward. The way that NHL contracts are set up, if he signs now he burns one year of his entry deal - could be very advantageous for him down the road. His coaches and teammates understand that's how it works. He's part of the Sioux family forever. And we have another reason to cheer for the Canucks.
  8. We're good. Thanks.
  9. Or an NHL team or "advisor" saying to Tucker, Cam, Jost or Boesser: NCHC refs won't protect you.
  10. So, has UMD supplanted Minny, DU and Wisconsin as our most hated rivals? Yep. Zero respect for Sandelin now.
  11. BU is going to be a tough task. But really want another shot at UMD. Don't think the boys are taking the Poolman injury or Poink's running into Cam lightly. Best revenge is to beat them on the scoreboard.
  12. Jost