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  1. There's a difference between eventually transitioning to a logo and having it shoved down your throat. Is it really that important to have it at center court? Really? A quick google image search turns up many courts with the school name or initial(s) rather than their nickname/logo: Duke, Denver, Minnesota, Michigan, SDSU...
  2. Things to do in GF

    We went and had a blast. Hairball was awesome. Lots of security and porta potties. Did a nice job on social media of directing people to available parking. I saw 2 food vendors-Rhombus Pizza and Ground Round. Maybe there were more and we just didn't see them. It was very crowded on the block where the stage was set up. There were families and others hanging out in the back where there was more room.
  3. Saskatchewan Junior Team in Horrible Accident

    Better shot of the Jets game
  4. Saskatchewan Junior Team in Horrible Accident

    Moment of silence by Jets/Hawks
  5. Tragic news out of Saskatchewan. https://www.tsn.ca/multiple-fatalities-confirmed-in-humboldt-broncos-bus-crash-1.1049577
  6. President Kennedy Candidate for UCF President's Job

    The beef seems to be that he applied so soon in his "presidency". Kind of like here.
  7. Frozen Four

    Anyone still making the trip to St. Paul?
  8. 2017-18 Season

    Fairly common knowledge around GF.
  9. 2018 NCAA Tournament - Worst to First

    4. UMD I just can't. Pionk. Wolf. And the constant complaining when they get called for it. 3. Michigan Too many titles already. 2011. And that song. 2. Notre Dame Of the 3 BIGs they didn't impress me this weekend. 1. Ohio State I guess.
  10. 2017-18 Season

    Hope Chaves has his ear to the ground. Women's BB has had a problem for a while.
  11. 2018 NCAA Tournament - Worst to First

    16. UMD. Cheap shots. 15. DU. Montgomery is a baby. 14. BU. Offsides, I don't think so. 13. Michigan. Don't want them to have any more titles and I hate their fight song. 12. Clarkson. shrug. 11. Cornell. shrug 10. Notre Dame. They sure throw their weight around for not having won anything. 9. Penn State. shrug 8. St. Cloud. Haven't play great lately and their fans are annoying. 7. Princeton. Might as well be them I guess. 6. Ohio State. Best of the Big 10? 5. Providence. Partied with them in 2015. 4. Northeastern. Better them than any other Boston school 3. Tech. Fun fans and band. 2. Mankato. They're due. 1. AF. For the Serratore quotes.
  12. Interested in buying them, let me know via PM
  13. Early Departures 2018

    Headed to Montreal to join the Caps there.
  14. University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    Ottawa will take a serious run at signing Wolanin before he can become a free agent this summer.