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  1. I wish him well going forward. CC is a good school in a great conference, and he'll get to play with his brother. Tough to leave your buddies and your school, but I understand a kid making a different decision than he did when he was 16. (or in many cases younger) Sounds like he was well liked and a good teammate.
  2. Hoping the Wild make him an offer.
  3. I understand the sadness, the anger, all that. But really, UND WIH was totally blindsided? They didn't see any of this coming? Once the second round of $ cuts was announced, it was obvious at least 1 or 2 sports would be gone. And when info. came out that legal experts on Title IX were consulted, a lot of us thought whoa, it could be women's hockey. But they didn't have any idea? How can that be.
  4. My thoughts. Borgstrom is very, very good. But they didn't put him out there when they needed someone to win puck battles or work to get the puck out of their zone. I'm guessing he'd stay at DU to improve his 200 foot game next year. Was Butcher the best player in college hockey this year? Very valuable to Denver, good player and their captain. But I'm not sure he was even the best player on the ice last night. Was impressed by Gambrell's overall game.
  5. Anybody else get email today from the NCAA about Frozen Four tickets? Apparently, lots available. Good tickets too.
  6. Didn't see UND. Were they included?
  7. #1.Yep. One reason I can't cheer for UMD this weekend. #2. ????? #3. Yep. #4 Another reason I can't cheer for UMD this weekend. #5. Yep.
  8. Assuming he graduated.
  9. Good God, the Avs are bad. Why did Jost leave early to play there? And because of his age, playing this year doesn't even burn a year off his entry level contract. I know he's a very special player and we were happy to get him even if it was for just one year. But it couldn't have hurt his development to play here next year instead of in that mess.
  10. I was thinking the same thing. Because of his age, his contract slides.
  11. Dang it. Was hoping for one more year.
  12. On a dirty hit. With no penalty. And Cam was run on the same shift. With no game DQ. Hope Josh Fenton takes a hard look at those officials.
  13. Didn't it used to be a delay of game in college too?
  14. Shaw, Chartrand, Gardner, Wilkie, Cam Johnson, Ausmus, Simonson, Gersich. Boeser and Stecher in suits.