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  1. Or more importantly the Wisconsin fans. Far more atmosphere creating than Gopher fans. The cratering of their program hasn't helped the dismal showings at the Big Ten tourney.
  2. I've not had that problem with, watch ESPN or NBC Sports apps. NCHC is a noticeable lag.
  3. Download with YouTube downloader and you have it forever.
  4. Definitely apples and oranges. Calling student fees revenue is dubious. All these numbers are doctored to tell whatever story someone wants told.
  5. I'd say this shows if you are going to up funding anywhere it's basketball and that FCS football is nearly the money pit that women's hockey is.
  6. Did they do karate in the garage?
  7. Terrible pp.
  8. Terrible call
  9. Crowd hasn't seemed to be in it at all.
  10. Not sure I've seen it anywhere but Clay Matvick is doing the games in Fargo so that's cool.
  11. I think this is definitely worth exploring. One downside would be access for the 2 eastern schools but I think it's a solid idea for an occasional tournament and I think the community might embrace it in ways the larger cities dont.
  12. I don't know that it needs to be married to a single facility. Even the X is only really travel convenient for 3 of the 8 league schools, so attendance is going to be a challenge. The nchc could do like the ACC basketball tournament and have a primary site but also move around once in a while. Maybe every third or fourth year try the Pepsi Center or Cincinnati or maybe even Kansas City. Throw a bone to some of the schools that aren't in the Twin Cities' backyard. I'd like to see the league really embrace the N in NCHC. Playing the league tournament solely in MSP may be a parochial approach and does little to develop or grow the game. There is creativity in the league office as evidenced by the college hockey showdown. I think they will come up with a good solution.
  13. Sad thing is chalk works perfect but they won't do it. Denver bracket in Cincy UMD bracket in Fargo Harvard in Manchester Minnesota in Providence This avoids the unearned Providence home games but still has some close proximity teams in every regional so attendance should be reasonable.
  14. Didn't say it would be easy just that I'd like to see it. Although we are now a tourney team and as for recognition we are at least a flagship and not a directional or oddball private.
  15. If UND ever plays North Carolina I will be there an nothing could stop me. Finally made it to the Dean Dome and it was a great experience.