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  1. Special game sites id like to see Nashville Sprint Center Kansas City Staples Center around New Years. That would be a good NCHC showcase game with Arizona State as the opponent. The West Coast equivalent of MSG with tons to do. Lake Placid vs Clarkson or St. Lawrence
  2. The big sky teams can still play them non conference and Sac st. Is still in the league. They may also see the possibility of a Montana Idaho departure and see this as a way to head that off. Keeping both conferences geographically compact makes sense until/if an FBS move ever happens.
  3. The Summit should be working with the Big Sky. Hopefully UNC is facilitating such discussions. For now take on UNC and the two California football affiliates. That gets the Big Sky down to 10 teams which makes scheduling easier for all sports and means only missing one team a season for football. It also puts Summit back to 10 schools for all sports and 8 for football. It also leaves a stable core of former NCC schools (plus Denver) should Western Illinois Fort Wayne and Oral Roberts depart. If that happens then grab UMKC for an eight team league based along I29 plus the Colorado schools. That would have a stable Summit and a stable Big Sky and the leagues could add a scheduling alliance to help fill nonconference games.
  4. Summit should see about bringing on the two Cali schools as affiliates for football. Would get the Sky down to 11 for football (play 8 of 10 opponents each season) and the sky teams could play non cons with Davis and Poly rather than having nonconference games against conference teams. Could allow some time for Sky to get a viable 12th team and open door to some teams leaving for Great North in a few years. At that point the Cali teams could return as affiliates to a downsized Big Sky.
  5. Wonder if them hiring Pat Sweeney might have them angling for something.
  6. Sounds like a potential decathlete.
  7. Or more importantly the Wisconsin fans. Far more atmosphere creating than Gopher fans. The cratering of their program hasn't helped the dismal showings at the Big Ten tourney.
  8. I've not had that problem with, watch ESPN or NBC Sports apps. NCHC is a noticeable lag.
  9. Download with YouTube downloader and you have it forever.
  10. Definitely apples and oranges. Calling student fees revenue is dubious. All these numbers are doctored to tell whatever story someone wants told.
  11. I'd say this shows if you are going to up funding anywhere it's basketball and that FCS football is nearly the money pit that women's hockey is.
  12. Did they do karate in the garage?
  13. Terrible pp.
  14. Terrible call
  15. Crowd hasn't seemed to be in it at all.