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  1. Announcers were saying he's a star
  2. I am also curious why the linesman was the one making the call as well. He was most intently watching the monitor and made the announcement... Seems odd.
  3. Well that was disappointing. I agree that the evidence provided wasn't enough to overturn the call on the ice. I blame ESPN for switching channels on us. Ha
  4. I don't get ESPNU
  5. Did they really change channels???
  6. Apparently they've swallowed their whistles this period
  7. Who?
  8. A few UND women's players have turned down USA Hockey's invitation to play on the team in place of the boycotting players. Must be a hard decision, but I think I support them. It may be a missed opportunity and who knows if it will impact future opportunities but they are standing up for what they believe.
  9. I need consensus picks! Ha
  10. Go Providence!!! Ha
  11. My friend went at 8:30 and got tickets
  12. That's what I've got too... For now. I am starting to reconsider some of my picks
  13. In my world it is Thursday yay shift work
  14. More rest for the championship game
  15. Can't be refs from either of the two conferences playing in the game. Other than that, no.