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  1. We changed from flickertails... So never say never.
  2. So I realize that I am like a month late to this discussion but some of you are delusional. And I am not talking about the Sioux Forever crowd. If you honestly think that the football, volleyball, and basketball teams succeeded because they have embraced the new nickname you're nuts. You could PERHAPS say that because they were allowed to host games and weren't sanctioned by the NCAA the new nickname is responsible, but it is on the coaches, scouts, and athletes. As far as misplaced anger at the NCAA, I disagree. I am fully aware that the nickname is never coming back. I refuse to purchase anything with Fighting Hawks or the logo on it because it is a terrible, overused, unoriginal nickname and ugly logo. I will wait until either a new logo is produced, or a new nickname is voted on (assuming it also does not suck). I will still cheer on all of the sports teams, and donate to the aviation department, but I will not refer to myself as a Fighting Hawk.
  3. Can anyone tell me the number of scholarships per gender at UND? Or point me towards where I can look it up
  4. 1. I am a female 2. I am in Ireland so I am not watching anything 3. I did check the scores online for the World Championships, and I do for men's hockey as well.
  5. For people that don't like women's hockey you guys sure spend A LOT of time talking about it...
  6. They aren't my numbers. And all I said was I was surprised by football's number.
  7. According to this blog post from Rob Post (no idea if he's legit) football lost $2,923,313... http://www.sayanythingblog.com/entry/und-sports-programs-lost-13-3-million-2016/
  8. Everybody keeps saying this but I read an article this week and was surprised to find out that football lost $2.9 million this year... I get it, football has a ton more potential than women's hockey but I was still surprised by that number
  9. I don't think there will be a lockout. Just a bunch if suspensions when the players return.
  10. Also, after the review, why did the linesman make the call?
  11. Wonder if Jost regrets going pro yet?
  12. Thoughts and prayers go out to her family http://www.grandforksherald.com/news/4244637-beer-grandma-crowd-favorite-und-hockey-games-dies-age-90
  13. I wish all the sarcastic, condescending, negative about women's hockey people would just let us have one thread where we can still discuss the sport (because it does still exist) without them. You guys are ruining this message board for me. Go be jerks elsewhere!
  14. Former UND lady named the player of the game in Finland's win over Canada. She had a goal and two assists
  15. USA women are winning 2-0