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  1. 1999, Mike Commodore
  2. Why are you having sushi at football??? I clearly am a traditionalist ha. Burgers and brats for me.
  3. My issue with reserved tailgating, and really it is all hypothetical because I live in Colorado, but say you want to tailgate most but not all games? Do you reserve a spot and go when you can? Then people complain about the empty spots. I think you guys mentioned there is unassigned spots as well? I assume those are in the back. So you pay per week and get stuffed in the back of the lot because you didn't buy a reserved spot? It is stupid. Just have general tailgating. Open the lot four hours (or whatever time) before the game. Let everyone park as close as they can and set up shop. It eliminates the people cruising in last minute to park trying to navigate between all the people. How they'd park at the back. If you want to still buy a tailgating pass make it a window sticker or something then you can pay all at once instead of weekly. Whenever you park, send a group text to all your buddies so they can find you, or get yourself a really big distinguishing flag to fly. All the dedicated tailgaters will be together, it'll be great.
  4. I have never seen assigned tailgating anywhere. Also as far as your friends being able to find you, everyone has their cell phone glued to them anyway....
  5. Assigned tailgating spots is stupid. Have someone at the driveway collecting ten bucks and park as close as you can. I wouldn't allow overnight vehicles because the Alerus doesn't want that responsibility/security concern. You guys are trying way too hard to force this. Just let it go with the flow and it'll work itself out with the people who want to be there.
  6. I don't drink so that is no incentive to me. But I get what the poster a few below my original post is saying. I go to football games to actually watch the games. I know the rules, I follow the play... I don't think it would be very good viewing from floor level at the back of the end zone. Half the time they players will be 80-100 yards away. But by all means put the social butterflies there. Those that don't bother to watch a game. Good spot for them. Most likely to end up being "too close" to the action as someone comes running through their cabana.
  7. I wouldn't sit there, but that is just my opinion.
  8. No relation to Dixon?
  9. Good point. Not sure.
  10. It's not a terrible idea but with the budget crisis I can't see UND adding extra expenses and extra rent
  11. Chyzyk just tweeted he was accepted into the UND law school. Good for him.
  12. Just get rid of assigned spots and all the people that are big into tailgating will be together. The die hards that will be there when the lot opens will be together. But I was raised in Wisconsin, tailgating at Packer games where you just tailgate wherever and make friends with your neighbor. That is what is normal to me. Everyone tailgates. That is just how it is.
  13. Or maybe we should just wear pink jerseys ha
  14. http://www.grandforksherald.com/news/4266371-whats-unds-id-university-takes-branding-effort Some results of the survey.... Apparently people don't know the actual school colors and hockey is our identity.
  15. Not gonna lie... I always assumed Leigh was a female.... Oops