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  1. Didn't see what happened but he went down the hall and they were working under his jersey.
  2. Brock is hurt. Doubt he can shoot. He is definitely in pain.
  3. Or D) the lone UMD player is a certain goalie running punk who gets tripped up by one UND player and then landed on by both UND players during the goal celebration.
  4. You must never have been to a series at UMD to hear their "Smallpox Blanket" and "We Stole Your Land" cheers.
  5. So according to MafiaMan, this event is now an official alumni gathering function. (or did I get that wrong). This event has really come up in the world.
  6. Clearly it must have been built prior to the concept of hot water in rest rooms hit Minneapolis. I will give them credit, they have made improvements. The new video screen was impressive. The ushers were much more friendly than experienced in early years of the tournament. The food quality has improved since year 1, but it is still very greatly overpriced and not much of it is worth eating. I was getting tired of watching skaters falling down all by themselves every time they tried to skate near the end boards. The ice conditions were not good on the ends. The middle seemed fine, but hockey uses the whole sheet of ice. They have lowered the building temperature significantly to help fix the ice, but only sell coffee at one concession stand and no hot chocolate at any of them. They will get my input again, not that it will help.
  7. I had to go look it up. Michigan at 22. UND second, now at 15.
  8. Hmm mn, come to think of it you may be right on that one.
  9. I believe Denver owns the longest streak. It was mentioned at the Target Center.
  10. I typed UMD and damn autocorrect changed it.
  11. As of tonight I have lost all respect for the UMD program. Their actions are completely without class.
  12. Bring WMU to Fargo. They do not look good today.
  13. Excuse me, but I am from 10 miles west of there (Beulah) and I have known about UND hockey since October 1975 since I started at UND, which is now 40+ years ago. And so did my Mom, because I quit coming home for Thanksgiving and was heading back early at Christmas if there was a hockey game. See you at the Hogg in 50 minutes.
  14. SSSHHHHHHH! Someone at the Target Center might be reading this and figure out they are doing something else wrong.