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  1. Not everyone can hold their drink as well as you!
  2. What I have been told is maybe a slightly different angle in that he doesn't seem to have the right attitude to earn playing time and has not even been the second best goalie in practice. He is young, and possibly thought that he was already good enough to play at this level. If this is true, a year in the USHL might be of great benefit to him.
  3. I have no problem remembering it because April and May are two ugly bill months. April is income taxes and house insurance and May is property tax and hockey tickets.
  4. I also had trouble seeing that as more than a 2:00 because of Crosby going down. My only uncertainty is I don't know exactly how quickly an NHL player (Niskanen) can react as the situation changes (Crosby going down) and adjust in that type of sequence. Definitely unfortunate. And I can also see Pens fans thinking it was a dirty hit. Nasty, yes. Unfortunate, yes. Deliberate, don't know.
  5. It usually comes in May.
  6. If all of this is true, how did these teams get to be in the funk they are in now and have been in for a few years? Just because they are in the B1G does not mean they will be good. If they have had a simultaneous funk period the past three years or so, they can certainly continue to do so, or get better and then go into a funk again. It remains to be seen how this will go.
  7. The concept is good but the schedule doesn't work well. Fans traveling to the regional would have a commitment for at least three nights in a hotel, possibly four. It would be very expensive for attendance. Would have to condense it down to a two day event such as Friday/Saturday or many fans will not attend due to cost. Also, the team costs would be pretty high (hotel/food) having to be in town that many days. Group A teams would need to be in town by Wednesday for practice time and two teams wouldn't leave until late Saturday night or Sunday. Otherwise, the basic concept is good. The final consideration is that realistically how many fans are going to try to arrange tickets/travel in possibly as little as three days/four days to get to a regional. Fans from eight teams suddenly trying to book flights? So many issues, so little time.
  8. Not a bad idea, but...... If I am an arena manager I will want some money and a firm reservation for the arena with a guarantee. If the team(s) doing the arrangement don't get a #1 seed, I still get paid because I am not able to schedule something else at the arena on short notice.
  9. Sioux Falls has experience hosting UND fans. Remember the plastic duckies races down the water slide at the Holiday Inn on Sunday night after the outdoor game at Omaha.
  10. Fixed your post.
  11. Liar Liar Pants on Fire. You clearly were not paying attention, as usual.
  12. Man Denver looks good. Making me feel a little better. I said that I would not cheer for Duluth, but in the first game I rooted against Harvard. I just could not go against the NCHC, more than it was for Duluth. Made me feel sleazy.
  13. Parallax would definitely have something to do with it, but the question is whether it is enough to cover the supposed gap. The line is under the ice while the skate is on top of the ice. From that kind of angle the white gap would appear to be larger than just the thickness of the ice. Having said that, it is unknown whether that would be sufficient to cover what appears to be white between the line and Hoff's skate.
  14. Didn't see what happened but he went down the hall and they were working under his jersey.
  15. Brock is hurt. Doubt he can shoot. He is definitely in pain.