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  1. Spring Ball 2018

    https://www.foxsports.com/college-football/story/jacksonville-state-n-c-a-t-in-potential-fcs-kickoff-matchup-020118 This article, albeit from beginning of February, made me to believe Jacksonville St was already in a contract to host the FCS kickoff game, they were just trying to schedule the opponent.
  2. 2018 UND Recruiting

    Honest question, besides having to go through another search and hire process, Would anyone here really miss President Kennedy?? I haven't really paid that close attention to what he's doing, so I'm actually asking for opinions that are probably more educated than mine. (my opinion is that he's been average, not hurting us but not exactly irreplaceable.)
  3. 2018 schedule /team

    Good Old Ball Cupping
  4. 2018 UND Recruiting

    Almost a lock to land a big time QB recruit in 2019......rumor is NCAA FB for PS/Xbox is coming back then.
  5. 2018 UND Recruiting

    Guys from the Wiki who committed elsewhere, some already probably mentioned. OT Evan Clark, 6'3“, 270, Derby (Derby) , KS Has offers from WY, WIU & SDSU Missouri Western State University OT Mitchell Kay, 6'4”, 300, Long Beach (Long Beach CC), CA N Arizona?? DL Tobi Adedara, 6'4“, 225, St. Charles (North), IL Has offer from Yale Dartmouth S Nick Hessefort, 6'4, 180, 4.6, Blue Springs (Blue Springs), MO Has offers from MO St, SIU & WIU Missouri State CB Jontae Dobson, 5'11“, 190, Indianapolis (Ben Davis), IN (2 Star - Scout & 247) Has offers from Army, Harvard, UNI, USD, Yale, WIU, Wofford, SIU, IN St & EIU Army ATH Clayton Isbell, 6'3”, 200, 4.7, St. Charles (East), IL Has offers from WIU, SIU, SDSU, USD, IL St & UNI Illinois State
  6. 2018 UND Recruiting

    Looking back at the start of this thread, we had a really poor success rate on the JR day invites and early offers. Really quite depressing. Still hoping for a couple more surprises to complete this class.
  7. Former Players

    I saw this too, I was hoping I was wrong and it wasn't him. This really hurts for his potential draft stock, his biggest knock would probably be durability, and then to be hurt on the national scale isn't good. Hopefully he can turn in a good pro day somewhere as I'm just guessing he won't be at the combine.
  8. 2018 UND Recruiting

    This guy looks like a pretty good athlete, seems like he reads and makes plays pretty easily. 6'2 200 lbs 4.44 speed listed on his Hudl.
  9. 2018 UND Recruiting

    Thanks. After your post I did see that already committed Garrett Maag made an official visit. (Via Undfootball360) He also made a mention to recently offered Marcus Vaughn Jones being there. I'd be happy with this get at this point. Got excellent size and watching his Hudl I feel like he has good ball skills.
  10. 2018 UND Recruiting

    Anyone have any idea what potential recruits were on campus this weekend?
  11. 2018 Season

    Thought I read $500k for Washington somewhere on here. Got 450k from Utah.
  12. 2018 UND Recruiting

    I didn't mean to say we wouldn't be happy with these new prospects, but to put it in terms of my golf game would the older offers be considered a Birdie compared to the new offers as a Par?? I'm still happy with both, just happier with one over the other.
  13. 2018 UND Recruiting

    so with this being the first year of the split signing days it might be tougher to answer, but should we expect any more commits for awhile? or not until a lot closer to the signing day? Also, I like seeing offers, but does new offers at this point in the game mean we are giving up on others already offered who might be potentially better or are we just finding these guys and deeming them worth an offer?
  14. 2018 UND Recruiting

    https://twitter.com/RonaldAudette/status/942801373783052293 Not the only school susceptible to potential FBS poaching....recently picked up an Oregon St offer, has yet to sign anywhere, but was committed to NDSU
  15. 2018 UND Recruiting

    Cam Hunt....had some pretty good flashes when he was healthy toward end of the year, and who Tom Miller projected on the signing day show to start alongside Rodgers next year.
  16. 2018 UND Recruiting

    This wish list looks pretty good. I'd also love to find a OL swiss-army knife transfer in the mold of Michael Coe. Would be huge to push the young guys, or step in and play if they aren't ready. Anyone have any idea what would be the max number of kids we could add before the roster is full?
  17. UND (4-6) @ #12 Zags (8-2) 12/16 7 PM

    Good showing, and hopefully something that will carry momentum into Big Sky play, but we had this one if they would've played sound down the stretch. Way too many lazy passes on the press break, it was just cringe worthy watching us try to break the press. That quick 3 off the offensive rebound by Jones did hurt, especially when it looked like he was a few feet beyond 3 and a guy was closing on him, but we also started to have a lot of defensive lapses. It's also kind of ironic that we have a big, tall coach who can't even find players over 6'9" to recruit. Even if it's a 7' stiff, they still come in handy from time to time. Avants does the best he can, but there's no way he should be our biggest guy on the court all the time.
  18. UND (4-6) @ #12 Zags (8-2) 12/16 7 PM

    game blacked out on ESPN3?? BS
  19. Future Schedules

    I love the scheduling of Nebraska.....a P5 team with a school whose fanbase loves football. hell....BRING ON BAMA.....(for $750k or better anyway).....These big money FBS games are needed to fund the program, but does anyone have any idea what kind of money these schools make from a home game??? Like Nebraska is paying us 515k in 2022, what are they as a school netting for having a home game? I mean Nebraska home games are guaranteed 90,000 at even $50 avg ticket price for a sum of 4.5 million before concessions...
  20. 2018 UND Recruiting

    Maag, Slater, Bruner, Siegel are my favs of this class so far, but c'mon let's get a quality scholly QB!!! I understand a scholly QB isn't relevant if Boltmann is a stud, but I'd rather have a backup plan. If you recruit a scholarship QB every year, you realistically would only need to hit on a QB like 1 in every 3 years, and worst case, you got better QB play because the backups are always pushing the starter.
  21. 2018 UND Recruiting

    I was just thinking.....As stacked as we are at RB, would be nice to see a RB commit this year, after all, somebody's got to be the man in 2020-2022. Edit: I know it's just an offer (also saw he had one from Idaho) and not sure if they are recruiting as an RB, but looks like a heck of an athlete, always nice to see offers out and hopefully commitments following. "Phillip Brooks@Pbrooks124 Greatful to get a scholarship offer from the University of North Dakota"
  22. 2018 Roster

    Anyone want to take an early guess at the 2018 opening day OL starters?
  23. Official UND Football Regime Change Thread

    From his twitter bio: " #CFBRecruiting#NFLCombinePrep Coach•Proud Buff & 6yr #NFL OL/DL" any chance we are looking at this guy for OL Coach or at least as an addition to the staff??
  24. Official UND Football Regime Change Thread

    Only 3 (Adeoti, Blubaugh, Shannon) of the 2017 HS recruits played this year (unless I'm missing someone), and none of them were necessarily regarded as the best recruits of their class. So I would say that this past season is no indicator of how that class stacks up. At the time of signing, I feel like many people thought that 2017 was Bubba's best recruiting class thus far. And as far as the 2016 class, I think you could argue both sides good/bad, but to say that many of them did not even show flashes doesn't seem like an accurate assessment to me. 2015 I would say had a lot more misses, and 2014, well looks bad. So to me our classes have been getting better and better. Let's hope it shows in 2018.
  25. Official UND Football Regime Change Thread

    I never heard they were actually promised a ring and then never got one. If true, that is even worse.