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  1. New AD posting and hiring process

    Suppose to have a new AD any day now...
  2. Fetch's Random Musings

    What's with the Herald and all the obituary's constantly on the front page of their website?! Three people today. Are they that hard up for some type of news? Greg Wentz obituary is above the story of the Police ID the woman who hung herself in a tree outside her GF apartment (Which the Herald never reported on for some reason. Had to find those details out from the news websites.)
  3. former players

    Or 2.
  4. NORTH DAKOTA @ Huskies - FRIDAY Gameday

    UND having trouble handling the speed of SCSU.
  5. UND Enrollment

    Nearly 700 more beginning freshman at NDSU than UND.
  6. The Betty

    IIRC, the Betty didn't even sell out for NDSU last year.
  7. I like how the topics are quasi ranked by popularity. I vote for "Community" to be placed above "NCAA News" at the top. "UND Nickname" is the most popular, but that thread seems destined soon to be placed next to Womens Hockey.
  8. If one does take a look at "Other Sports," the majority of it seems to be "UND News." If there's a topic of "NCAA News," one would surely think there must be a place to put "UND News." ......"Other Sports & News*"...boom....The bill will be in the mail. * (Its already under the subheading of "UND Sports" so its obvious posts in this category should be about UND Sport News).
  9. Official UND Football Regime Change Thread

    That's great...But it's time to stop using the long ago 3-8 team as any type of excuse. As you said that was a 7-4 and 8-3 seasons ago. A coach needs to keep improving on those seasons. Just like the USD coach is doing for his team. Lots of factors played a role into 3-8. Next year will be a key year. Two good and two bad seasons ain't going to cut it. Are we going to compares next years team to the 3-8 bubba team or the 8-3 bubba team? Because now Bubba next year has to coach a team that had the exact same record as the guys teams before him who was fired when he was hired.
  10. Official UND Football Regime Change Thread

    Or you could look at it as Bubba this year took over a team than won the Big Sky and made the FCS playoffs last year....
  11. Mars Space Suit

    Reminds me of when MTV came to UND in 2000 (or thereabouts) and filmed a segment for the show "Senseless Acts of Video."
  12. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Dane Jackson: "We need that kid on our team!"
  13. Grand Sky

    It'll just eventually move to Fargo like everything else.

    So now every time a stick touches a goalie in the act of shooting its no goal.