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  1. The new sales tax vote will be for roads (and water iirc?). It would be nice to build some "big tangible items" instead of just redoing existing roads and widening a few streets. I'd love to see the Merrifield overpass. Time to stretch GF out. 32nd is pretty much full.
  2. We love it when FBS teams schedule games against lower level opponents. But hate it when UND does.
  3. Just that it was scary how close the vote was.
  4. Take a yes or no vote. Say a says tax increase (or the Alerus Center), which the GF residents recently already voted for. Its Odd it only take a one time "yes vote" to approve something. Say, even if it was "No voted" 7 times before that. So in theory it's No 7 times. And Yes No should still win? Haha (the score is 7 to 1). (Some people switched their minds from no to yes...that's why the yes won that one time...I'm asking what if they later again go from yes back to no again?....too late I guess). short regardless of the issue: "change" (alerus, tax increase, etc) will always eventually win....GF will get a new library and a higher sales tax. Only question is when...
  5. Mayor Brown said raising the sales tax will be the next vote. If No gets the majority 3 times and Yes gets it once. Does "No" still win? What if "No to Yes voters" change their minds again later?
  6. 4,700 people voted. 182 was the difference.
  7. Hopefully the raise is big enough for Monique to go on a twitter rant.
  8. need to spread gfhockeys rumors on the radio.
  9. As many as you want to buy. Just like it is now.
  10. The whole idea of first come first serve, helps "big rigs"...because when you get there there's a bunch of open spots....that will be filled up after you arrive. And cheaper spots help people create a larger tailgate spot and/or bigger rigs which in turn helps create a better atmosphere. (And safer too by not cramming more stuff and people into the street).
  11. 3x cheaper tailgating on gameday?
  12. Sounds like the Minneapolis dt building I use to live in. Window had a nice view of the neighbors wall. And it was a new building.
  13. Town square is an ugly concrete jungle. The green way is a Prarie with a sidewalk that is too far to walk to for the millenials.
  14. ....Wishing there was a cool park to take a picture at and enjoy a lunch outside. Saw a youtube video a year ago of a couple young gals from Fargo that came to GF for the day. They really enjoyed Arbor Park.
  15. Can we sell Town Square downtown to the highest bidder?