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  1. Cratter

    Grand Forks Library

    http://www.grandforksherald.com/news/government-and-politics/4473982-grand-forks-library-action-committee-shares-short-term-long Aka: The library hired a firm to help ya all understand the importance of libraries and why a new one is needed.
  2. Cratter

    Things to do in GF

    Someone needs to work on their bear tranquilizing skills.
  3. Cratter

    Where to eat in Grand Forks.

    Life Hack: Skip the lines and use the McDonalds mobile app. Order and pay on your phone. Pull up "curbside" and they bring it to your vehicle. Bonus Points: There are deals only available through the mobile app. One of which is a $1 Big Mac.
  4. Cratter

    Grand Forks Economy

    Krampade is moving from Lincoln, NE to Grand Forks. According to their website it was used by UND hockey during the championship games... http://krampade.com/our-story/ Appears to be a family business with a UND professor as the CEO... http://krampade.com/our-story/our-team/
  5. Cratter

    President Kennedy Candidate for UCF President's Job

  6. Cratter

    Alerus Center Events

    If you're looking for cheap entertainment tonight: Tim and Faith for as low as $7 on StubHub. Edit: cheap tix went fast after posting.
  7. Cratter

    UND Night at the Twins

    The Alerus bank of Grand Forks has been buying up other banks and has a Minneapolis presence. Noticed they are also a sponsor of the Twins, when I saw their name behind home plate while watching the highlights on the news tonight.
  8. That competition in Grand Forks matches what you described for Bismarck. In Grand Forks every grocery store (besides Walmart and Target of course) is a Hugos besides one (Formerly SuperOne. Now Hornbachers.) The last new grocery store in the Grand Forks area was a Hugos and the newest grocery store to open in the Grand Forks area will also be a Hugos. My neighborhood Hugos store in Grand Forks looks nothing like it use to when I was a kid. They have remodeled it many times through the years. I wish there was more competition, but that's not Hugos fault. (Same could be said for Valley Dairy Convenience Stores)
  9. Doubt the store going from a SuperOne foods to a Hornbachers is having a major impact on Hugos future expansion plans (believe they already bought the land). Don't forget Hugos also just announced plans for a new downtown store. It'll be a snail race to see who wins: New hospital or new Hugos.
  10. Hugos has more locations than Hornbachers.
  11. He's a little guy.
  12. ....All just part of Kennedy's master plan!
  13. Haven't you heard? He's so smart, he pissed off a person whose job is to give away millions, then got zero of his demands met... Just to get the info out in the public sphere which reinforced the current agreement more!
  14. Except, The 52% didn't start in 2001. It was right around when the Ralph built UND a brand new basketball arena and the Ralph needed a way to pay for it...
  15. Cratter

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Hence the term "role players."