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  1. 500 tickets available is a lot. Everyone in line got tickets but one person. That is a lot different than last time it was in Fargo. Hoping the crowd is the same though.
  2. The Fargo tv media claimed last time it was in town it was the biggest sporting event the city had ever had.
  3. One blocked 3 point attempt....not priceless. About $20,000 more a year for Jones?
  4. Well we knew they weren't going to cut sports with at least some sort of committee...
  5. They send them to will call or email?
  6. Looked like he was charging home plate.
  7. The unsold tickets from the other teams went on sale only at the arena. The line started the night before the doors opened. The line was about 5 times longer than the amount of tickets available (had to be there by 2 am).
  8. Wonder how much Jones thinks he worth now..."I had the most people watching a UND sporting event ever and the women's hockey coach makes way more than me?!"
  9. That means no lining up at 10 pm outside Scheels Arena this year?
  10. Alternative Facts.
  11. The best part is The Ralph had the music lined up and ready to go the second that goal was scored.
  12. Last time it was at Fargo Billiards a few blocks away. Not sure if it'll still be there again. My group walked to Pub West last time after the game to avoid waiting for the bus back. There is a few establishments within easy walking distance.
  13. Certainly wouldn't surprise me.
  14. I don't think it helps that the tournament will no longer have another large passionate fan base that competes with North Dakota. That was part of the mystique. There will never be UND Frozen Faceoff game with an impartial crowd ever again.