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  1. Pump the brakes on pumping up a freshman who has shown a history of playing one year and quitting......hope the best for him...Seems like he could have a bright future. I'm cautiously optimistic.
  2. South Dakota Coyotes?
  3. You just got older and started to notice that "everyone has an agenda".
  4. Wish someone had uploaded the celebration.
  5. We're entering an era of non parity!
  6. From undrafted to playing on the top line in the NHL playoffs in one year.
  7. I love the off campus thing ever!
  8. How much was the bid?
  9. Congrats to Gene Taylor.
  10. ....from gfhockey.
  11. Time to overbook, just like the airlines.
  12. "Omaha can never go all D1. UNebraska will never allow it."
  13. When you type these things, it's hard to take anything else you write seriously.
  14. 16 years in the making. I'm going to be enjoying it for awhile.
  15. Every game in the West Regional went into OT and the winner of the regional played in the National Title game. Just goes to show how fine the line can be from losing the first game of the regional to playing in the title game (or National Champs). Where one player can make a difference: Schmaltz, Jost, Boeser, Poolman, Stecher....