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UND 2008 schedule

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Cal Poly plays at McNeese State (Lake Charles, Louisiana) next week. If it were cancelled I wonder if Commish Grom would allow UND to play Cal Poly this season?

Both teams have October 10th 11th open.


Now with only 10 games on its football schedule -- Football Championship Subdivision schools were allowed to schedule 12 games this season -- Cal Poly is pursuing efforts to schedule another opponent for Sept. 27 or Oct. 11.

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Only one poster from Cal Poly (Mustang Man) has commented. Unless he is the Cal Poly AD I'm not sure that his vote is binding.


True, but after the New Mexico State thing, I'm not getting my hopes up too high. I can't imagine there are going to be many teams other than UND who are anxious to add another road game against a high-quality opponent at this late date, though. I wonder whether Cal Poly may simply opt to play a 10-game schedule and take their chances that the NCAA will give them a break at playoff selection time since the cancellation was through no fault of their own?

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