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  1. SloStang


    Congrats on the seed. Well deserved and earned. Good luck, represent your school and the Big Sky well.
  2. Bubba year 4: 11-0????
  3. Congrats on the great regular season. Now go makes some noise in the post season and do the Big Sky proud.
  4. SloStang

    UND vs NAU

    Good luck. Pulling for our former GWFC partner to win their first Big Sky Championship.
  5. SloStang

    Cal Poly vs UND

    Just looked at your remaining schedule. The only team left that can beat UND is UND which I do not think will happen. That Big Sky Championship trophy is going to look good next to the DII National Champions trophy. I am impressed with the program UND has built and is continuing to build. Best luck the rest of the season and maybe we will see you again in December.
  6. SloStang

    Cal Poly vs UND

    Protheroe is a difference maker, but him playing against UND could of actually been bad for Cal Poly. UND knows how to defend the option and I think would have given up a few more yards rushing if Protheroe had played. Instead of 200 they might have given up 250. If that had happened the coaches probably waited to throw even longer which would not have been a good thing for Cal Poly. The only way Cal Poly moved the ball consistently on UND was through the air. The Fullback dive was not going to beat UND. Dano Graves throwing more might of.
  7. Congrats on the win. UND has our number. Best luck the rest of the season.
  8. SloStang

    Cal Poly vs UND

    Hey, at least I got the 2 hour difference right. My point is the are early birds so an early start should not throw them too much. I am more concerned with UND's D and your two stud RBs.
  9. SloStang

    Cal Poly vs UND

    Cal Poly practices at 6:00 am California time (4:00 am ND time) so a 11:00 am California start time should not be to tough on them.
  10. SloStang

    Cal Poly vs UND

    Cal Poly just made it into the ranking and this game has me worried. UND kick Poly's @ss last year in SLO and this one is in Grand Forks. A loss here and the voting members on the polls that ranked Cal Poly behind the two teams we beat will be able to say see, Cal Poly did not deserve to be ranked higher. Cal Poly is coming off two tough games and I think this will be every bit as tough. To be honest I was more worried about our two trips to the Dakota's than any other games on our schedule including Montana and EWU at home. I have much respect for the program UND is building and pull a little harder for the former GWFC members in the Big Sky, except Davis of course . Even though this game has me worried, I am looking forward to it.
  11. SloStang

    2016 Season

    I think we have the talent on defense, but I think we need a new DC. We played a bend (keep everything in front of us) and try not to break defense. Very simple and predictable.
  12. SloStang

    2016 Season

    I was very impressed with UND this year and expect they will only get better next year looking at their depth chart from this season. That coupled with the investment you are making in facilities and I expect to see UND at or near the top of the Big Sky year in and year out in the coming years. Congrats on the great season.
  13. You were close and I was wrong. UND has the best rush defense in the Big Sky and #2 is not even close. I will be pulling for you to get an invite and if you get it I will be pulling for you to make a deep run. Congrats on the game and the season. Go Fighting Hawks.
  14. High of 82 today in San Luis Obispo. Great day for football.
  15. It has been a really frustrating season for Cal Poly. One with a lot of would have, could have, and should haves. I am really pulling hard for the Mustangs to finish strong with a win and a three game win streak. 5-6 looks a whole lot better than 4-7 and it carries the team into the offseason with momentum. That said, I am a little conflicted. If UND was playing any other team this week I would be pulling for them to make their first trip to the playoffs. I have a ton of respect for UND and want to see them do well. I am glad they made the move from the GWFC to the Big Sky with Cal Poly and want them to leave USD in the dust after the Coyotes left the Big Sky standing at the alter. A trip to the playoffs would be huge for the program. If you do win and get an invite I will be pulling hard for the Fighting Hawks to make a deep run.
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