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Anybody know what the TV coverage will be?

I live in Rochester and have gone to 20-21 games this year but it looks like the tickets are sold out for the regional.

If it is not on TV here I will have to try to find tickets outside the arena.

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I think it could if it is the Sioux sports network. They told me that if it was up in the air they could get it. We should give them a call and find out. It would be tough to get a bunch of people there though if they had to buy it since it is early and a weekday. I probably wouldn't be able to get there until 5:00 if I did go.

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Hard to believe FOXN won't show the west regional as well as several games in other regionals. They've shown everything the past couple years with just two regionals (not possible this year with more regions and overlapping games).

I'm still expecting FOXN to show it. Yesterday's schedule showed NASCAR on FOXN (at least the Wild and Timberwolves aren't going to be a problem). Today nothing shows in the schedule. I'm going to assume that means the tournament will show up in the schedule in the next couple days.

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