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  1. flatspin7

    UAA vs UW

    I didnt see this mentioned anywhere else in here so I figured I would bring it up... This goes into the "Who'd a thunk it!" file...... The University of Alaska Anchorage just took down the Badgers in 3 game with a 4-1 win, in which Chris Fornier scored 2 goals. Congrats to UAA this is really great for their program, The went 0 for a lot last year, and showed good improvement and now they took down the Badgers. Good for them.
  2. I want so see UAA win tonight. I think they deserve it, plus it would rank really high on the WHO'D A THUNK IT scale!!!!
  3. Thanks Cali- ----------------------- I like a good one sided period
  4. Well Im living in Jersey now so its not much of a loss, I was more hoping for some Sioux friendly Engelstad related bar.
  5. Good to hear a quick start!!! --on an unrelated note- I am moving to Las Vegas at the end of the month anyone know where the sioux games can be seen?
  6. Relax Guys----- Yeah the Sioux lost last night. But it was the second game giving us a split at GooferLand. On top of that it was only the 3rd loss this season. Thats freakin awesome. Not to mention the fact that we took 3 of 4 from the gophers this year. Good by any ones measure. Despite the arguement of good call/bad call on the high stick the Sioux only put up 14 shots. In my book that isnt deserving of a win. Yeah maybe we got screwed but with that low of a shot count a win would not have been in the cards. Sorry guys--- It has been a well established fact that Shep is an awful ref and deserves to be at the receiving end of a crosscheck to the head, but bitching isnt going to change a thing. We just have to focus on playing a better cleaner game than everybody else and kick ass in the process.
  7. ---- This radio webcast is craptastic--- It rebuffers every 2 seconds... I'm underwhelmed
  8. Ive been having some problems with the broadcast.... so whats the score???
  9. Gooooooooooooooooooooal UND-- Lundbohm from Muarry (I think)
  10. I couldnt hear it, the audio was rebuffering.... boo hissss--- Well it sounds like the Sioux got robbed but I only heard part of it between rebuffering.
  11. I stand corrected.... it sucks again
  12. YeeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaa- I wish I could watch this game on TV Any holes in the ice tonight!!!!
  13. Radio seems to be working better tonight
  14. 47 to -2 but with Ditka it would be 302 to 3
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