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    UAA vs UW

    I didnt see this mentioned anywhere else in here so I figured I would bring it up... This goes into the "Who'd a thunk it!" file...... The University of Alaska Anchorage just took down the Badgers in 3 game with a 4-1 win, in which Chris Fornier scored 2 goals. Congrats to UAA this is really great for their program, The went 0 for a lot last year, and showed good improvement and now they took down the Badgers. Good for them.
  2. I want so see UAA win tonight. I think they deserve it, plus it would rank really high on the WHO'D A THUNK IT scale!!!!
  3. Thanks Cali- ----------------------- I like a good one sided period
  4. Well Im living in Jersey now so its not much of a loss, I was more hoping for some Sioux friendly Engelstad related bar.
  5. Good to hear a quick start!!! --on an unrelated note- I am moving to Las Vegas at the end of the month anyone know where the sioux games can be seen?
  6. Relax Guys----- Yeah the Sioux lost last night. But it was the second game giving us a split at GooferLand. On top of that it was only the 3rd loss this season. Thats freakin awesome. Not to mention the fact that we took 3 of 4 from the gophers this year. Good by any ones measure. Despite the arguement of good call/bad call on the high stick the Sioux only put up 14 shots. In my book that isnt deserving of a win. Yeah maybe we got screwed but with that low of a shot count a win would not have been in the cards. Sorry guys--- It has been a well established fact that Shep is an awful ref and deserves to be at the receiving end of a crosscheck to the head, but bitching isnt going to change a thing. We just have to focus on playing a better cleaner game than everybody else and kick ass in the process.
  7. ---- This radio webcast is craptastic--- It rebuffers every 2 seconds... I'm underwhelmed
  8. Ive been having some problems with the broadcast.... so whats the score???
  9. Gooooooooooooooooooooal UND-- Lundbohm from Muarry (I think)
  10. I couldnt hear it, the audio was rebuffering.... boo hissss--- Well it sounds like the Sioux got robbed but I only heard part of it between rebuffering.
  11. I stand corrected.... it sucks again
  12. YeeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaa- I wish I could watch this game on TV Any holes in the ice tonight!!!!
  13. Radio seems to be working better tonight
  14. 47 to -2 but with Ditka it would be 302 to 3
  15. Geez... I say they should cancel the series in Minneapolis and continue it in Grand Forks Tommorow night!!!!
  16. I just tuned in what is going on with the ice???
  17. For a while it would simply be the Sioux beating the snot out of the Bison hockey team... I would really take 10 years to form a credible program and get out of the CHA, and be able to win a few games.
  18. No the Devils can't "make" Zach go any where. But toss a couple of million dollars and a long term deal at him and he would be gone before the first pay check clears. Just like Dave Hale--- They'll make him an offer he can't refuse!!!
  19. That one might be a toss-up from what I gather neither opposition put up a lot of fight so there might end up being co-offensive player of the week, but it should be Parise, becuase I said so!
  20. The most interesting part of the first article was that the Devils have talked to the WCHA about the refing and the treatment of their asset (Zach). For a pro team to get involved with the reffing of a College game there must be something clearly wrong.
  21. Shut-out for Jordan Parise...
  22. Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...... ooooooool Powerplay!!!
  23. Dis is Bullsnot- Jones getting a penalty for being pushed into a goalie, TH was less than thriled.
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