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  1. leifolson

    Sioux Hockey 2007-2008 Preview

    No...I don't think that's it. My guess is that it is the Big Brother thingie.
  2. leifolson

    BC vs. UND Tilt

    Sioux Yeah Yeah!!!
  3. leifolson

    BC vs. UND Tilt

    I wonder how many NCAA's the WCHA has to win before national news types begin to remember, "Oh yeah, the best teams ARE in the West almost every year."
  4. leifolson

    BC vs. UND Tilt

    Yes...keep up the pressure on the boys but leave the girls alone.
  5. leifolson

    Great News if it's true!

    I like how at the bottom of that article it shows that Brandt is leading the WCHA in both GGA and Save%, with Parise not far below him. Even if they don't quite get the respect they might deserve, it's still nice to see UND netminders sitting atop the league.
  6. leifolson

    How to use formatting tags

    WOW...I can SEE my house from here.
  7. leifolson

    UND hockey racist?

    I call them hockey players... My point was merely that there are few minorities playing hockey because of what seems to be a general disinterest in hockey by minority athletes. Most seem to be more interested in basketball and football than in hockey. Obviously there are exceptions to that general disinterest (such as Peter Worrell in Colorado and Anson Carter in Washington...among others), but I can imagine if you were to poll a good cross section of minority athletes in this country, Canada and probably the rest of the world, hockey would come up pretty low on the list of preferred sports to play. That was the reason I found Wilbur's quote from Bisonville.com so ironic. I find it terribly irresponsible to cry racisim in a sport with few minorities when minority interest in that sport is so low. But I'm not really sure why you've decided to take exception to my statement. It seems like a pretty astute and thoroughly unracist observation if I do say so myself, Goon.
  8. leifolson

    UND hockey racist?

    My favorite part of that statement is that "Hockey is the sport where minorities are excluded." Hockey is the sport in which minorities predominately do not participate, but that in no way makes hockey a racist sport. You can't make minorities play hockey if they are not interested in that sport.
  9. leifolson

    Of power plays

    Boy, that game sounded ridiculous. I'm almost glad I could only hear it on the Internet and not actually see it. I may have hurt myself, or at least thrown something heavy through my television screen. 6 goals tomorrow night and all will be well with the 5 goal average.
  10. leifolson

    Friday Game Thread

  11. leifolson

    Friday Game Thread

  12. leifolson

    Sioux take the lead

    Now that Minnesota seems to have righted their ship, the next series with the Gophers could very well be some of the best and hardest fought hockey we'll see all year. I'll have to curl up to my computer with some beer and popcorn and listen to the carnage.
  13. leifolson

    H - - - Y B - - - R

    Aaawwww...that's cute.
  14. leifolson

    H - - - Y B - - - R

    I'd say it's about time for a Road House to win the Hobey.