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  1. yell dog you dont no nothin go back to POI and see what i wrote BTW, i got kiscked out of there and i got back in with siouxrock2
  2. usd wont go if UND dont go
  3. i personally ont like hedberg
  4. i bet stauss will do good but until he faces the famous sioux defense, he will go down hard
  5. it doesnt have the facilities and the fans i bet GF would draw well
  6. size is impotant for a D how many 5 10 guys do u see at D in the NHL
  7. the bison are so funny they want everything that UND gets
  8. he got sent back down today
  9. you gusy just wanna be like me who actually has a future playin hockey for the sioux
  10. i thnk he is too little
  11. how do u explain my toher part of my message about the 75 years 4 titltes 50 years 7 titles
  12. in high school, he injured 3 of our players he didnt get penalytys of it becuz he did it so sneaky
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