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  1. What a stupid comment. Seriously, find a bathroom. Pissing in an elevator isn't the answer. What would your response be if you found somebody pissing all over your front door? Would you buy the excuse that his bladder was about to burst? My guess is you'd want "Chief Wiggum and his staff" to get involved. The cops in GF would probably love to deal with "real crimes" more often but they are constantly bogged down by the stupid actions of idiot citizens. Put the blame where it belongs.... on Oshie.
  2. 6-0. At least now we know why JPL wasn't in the Hobey Hat Trick. Put the guy on the bench. He couldn't stop me.
  3. Cool!!! JPL just stopped a puck.
  4. 5-0. Hat trick by Gerbe after he dances through the worthless defense and flips one over the flopping goaltender. Perfect.
  5. Here you go again with your "under the bus" BS. Finley and Genoway are playing like CRAP. In fact, their play is so pathetic that if you actually DID throw them under the bus they'd cause two flat tires a piece and force the bus to flip over and kill everybody inside of it. Stop being a total boot licker give an honest assessment for once.
  6. What a f'in joke. Four straight years in the Frozen Four and nothing but failure each time.
  7. Once again, we're BC's post season bitch. 3-0 in the first?
  8. A little off-topic for this thread, but does anybody have a list of incoming players next year for UND? Thanks...
  9. My TV listing is showing the Midwest Regional at 2:00 pm on Saturday for Dish on channel 436 (FSN-North). Now, to get off work.....
  10. I get every one of them all the time. The only exception is professional sports are blacked out for the most part. College sports are on all the time. As an example, I get to watch Arizona Wildcat basketball every week on FSN-Arizona all year long. Any professional sports such as hockey, baseball or basketball won't come in unless I am watching the professional team from my region (FSN-North). I think the package costs me about $6 a month. Well worth it if you're a fan of a college team outside of your area. Here is a link to all the channels you get with the package. Multi-Sport Pack
  11. Thanks. I should be good to go then. I have Dish Networks multi-sport pack that gives me all the FSN channels across America.
  12. Are the midwest regional games going to be on FSN-North for sure or is this a hope and a prayer at the present time?
  13. I'm not a big fan of the Kohl Center. I've sat pretty much all over the rink and found that the best view is as close to the middle as you can get in the upper deck area.
  14. Absolutely horrible. It's right downtown and most people park in the ramps if they can find space. There's not enough room for everybody in the ramps though. You may have to pay a high rate to park on private property.
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