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Great moments in broadcast history!


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"Meek read that play like a glove!"

"Sometimes these things happen in favor for you and sometimes they happen in favor against you!"

..... Tony "The Cogswell Cannon" Stein

On another note, does the broadcast team travel with the team or do they drive themselves?

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I can't remember the game, but this call was for a substitution in a football game:

"In goes Cox and out come Siemens." Followed by: "I can't believe I just said that!"

That ranks with the classic NASCAR minor-series qualifying report: "Dick Trickle gets pole in Busch .... "

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In the NSIC, we've the old but good:

We licked the Beavers, we want Moorhead!

Oh wow.

Kindof reminds me of the Futurama episode where Earth declares war on the planet that has all those bouncing balls on them. After they are defeated the newspaper states something like "Earth Wins! Balls Thoroughly Licked!" :D

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