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Your favorite town in North Dakota


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Grand Forks pre-flood is a city that was well situated to look at its glorious past, and slide away into oblivion.

Grand Forks post-flood is a city that finally realized what it can accomplish when challenged, and is finally believing in itself and reaching for more.

The city lost some irreplacable things; the city didn't have an easy experience; which city is better?

Grand Forks post flood.

Great assessment Sic.......

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I'm not from Grand Forks, but I would now say its my favorite town in North Dakota.

For me, the biggest change after the flood was in the people. Yes, downtown got transformed. Yes, all the basements got scrubbed. But the biggest change is in the spirit of those who live there. Some dealt with minor hardship. Some dealt with shattering hardships. All came through it stronger. And its the people that I really do enjoy coming back to see. Especially on hockey weekends. :glare:

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You're kidding, right? :glare:

As a 1998 grad of UND and long-time resident of Minneapolis, I can honestly say that there was something very special about the "scene" in GF in that 1993-1997 era. The bars were fun, the hockey was good and the people were nice. Sure, not your typical "small town" that may be the point of this thread (and I too grew up in Burlington, ND), but I sure miss The Antique!

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I will have to say the Tolna website is pretty sweet though. But I can't find the section where they list any victories over Lakota? And I'll bet you did lose to "The Rick."

Are you referring to "God"? lol... As a kid from Lakota, I can only remember one baseball loss to Tolna. It was on a blown call in which I tagged up on a fly ball and scored. The Tolna pitcher then threw a pitch to the next batter and then threw over to 3rd to appeal that I left early. The ump called me out. Oh yes....nothing like a hometown ump bending the rules... we lost 3-2

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Hey Hoyt, NO WAY Tolna is better than LAKOTA!!!! I might even have to say Brocket beats them both.

Have you even been to Tolna Days? ;)

You know that Lakota isn't much better than McVille's "Day", and that's not saying a whole lot.

Quit riding on the Rick's coat-tails. He knew what Lakota had going for it... and moved to Fargo. :)

Keep thinking these delusional thoughts smacking the Turkey Capital of North Dakota and I'll sic Mattingly on you.

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What ever happened to "Pags?" The smartest kid from Tolna who wanted to be from Lakota.

TJ? I forgot you called him that. he's in the Denver area. I think he reads the board here, but have no idea if he posts. (He's who I called 'Mattingly' earlier. Silly Yankees fan...)

Wanted to be from Lakota? :blush: Good one. I'll have to tell him that one.

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While I grew up in GF, and loved every minute of it, I'd pick Bismarck or Williston as my next towns to live in. People in Williston are as nice as they come. It may out of the way, but once you're there you enjoy yourself. The people at the college in Williston are super.

Bismarck has a little of everything. I'd like to start golfing earlier in the spring so that would Bismarck a nice choice.

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