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  1. I have 8 Frozen Four full session ticket packages for sale. (all 3 games) Lower bowl - section 111 - row 25 Face Value of $300 per package call or text 701-741-6807 or message me if interested.
  2. LadyDy

    Friday Gopher tickets - 2 lower level

    are these still available?
  3. LadyDy


    photo shop out that stupid Haughhhch (I'm horking up a lugie there if you couldn't tell) logo now and THEN we have a nice looking jersey!
  4. LadyDy

    NORTH DAKOTA vs. St Lawrence - FRIDAY Gameday

    I say Gersich was target shooting all week and he finds the back of the net 3 times this weekend.
  5. LadyDy

    Sioux Survivor #3 2017-2018

    Friday = Joel J Saturday = Ludwig Hoff
  6. LadyDy

    Revenge of the Mystery Raffle

    C'mon spill, what jersey did you get?? I'm so mad at myself for not seeing this in time to enter... do another one!
  7. LadyDy

    Sioux Survivor Game #1 2017-2018

    Friday - Janatuinen Saturday - Hoff
  8. Got my 4 today! Woo Hoo - Vegas here we come!! Go Sioux!!!!!
  9. Hop on the Bus Gus - to Duluth. TWO buses going!! The famous Al Pearson bus (TWO of them this trip!) loads at 8:30 AM and leaves at 9:00 AM on Friday, December 11th. Returns Sunday morning Dec 13th. Cost is $195 per person. Includes: Bus ride, game tickets for BOTH nights, refreshments on the bus (beer and Mike's), and shuttle to shopping and light tours. Rooms are booked for you at the Country Inn and Suites (free continental breakfast). Cost of $109/night is paid by you upon check in. Call Joanna at 701-388-9825
  10. LadyDy

    Al's Fan Bus to St. Cloud

    Hop on the Bus, Gus! Al Pearson has a fan bus going to St. Cloud - there are a few seats left! Details: Leave from the Ralph parking lot (North Side) Friday morning (Nov. 20th) at 9 AM $193 includes bus ride, game tickets for both nights, "refreshments" on the bus, rides to and from hotel and rink. Hotel rooms are booked already and are $99 at the Kelly Inn. You pay that on your own when you get there - put as many people as you want in a room. Bus leaves St. Cloud at 9 AM on Sunday for return trip to GF. Call Al's daughter Joanna at 701-388-9825 for more details and to reserve your spot.
  11. I know JoAnna is saving the rooms she has for the people on the bus. I also know that she may have a couple (?) extra ones. Wouldn't hurt to give her a call. There is not a block that you can call about yourself - that much I do know!
  12. YES! Give JoAnna a call.
  13. The famous Al Pearson fan bus is traveling to Minneapolis to the Frozen Face-Off. Want in on the fun? Here are the details: Bus loads at 7:30 AM Friday, March 20th. Do you live along the I29/I94 route and want to go along? We will pick up people along the way (Hillsboro, Fargo, Fergus Falls, etc). Call to make those arrangements. Bus returns Sunday morning, March 22nd. Cost: $250 per person for the bus ride, All-Session game tickets and refreshments on the bus. Hotel rooms are booked at the downtown Marriott City Center for just $89.00/night! You pay for that on check-in. This is the hotel closest to the rink - walking distance. We also have lots of EXTRA game ticket packages if you are driving on your own and want to sit with Sioux fans. Tickets are in section 101 & 104 - that cost is $125 for all 4 games. Call Al's daughter JoAnna at 701-388-9825 to get on the bus or to purchase game tickets. Go Sioux!!
  14. Hop on the Bus Gus - to Omaha! (only 6 spots left!) Details: Bus leaves Grand Forks (North parking lot of REA) at 6 AM on Friday, January 30 (if you live along the route from GF to Omaha you can be picked up along the way.) One quick pick up stop will be in Hillsboro and one in Fargo for sure already. Bus leaves Omaha for GF on Sunday morning Feb 1st. Cost is $190 per person and includes the bus ride, game tickets for both Friday and Saturday's games and beer on the bus. Rooms are booked at the Hilton hotel that is connected to the rink for a group rate of $89 per night - you pay for that at check in. Call or text Al's daughter JoAnna at 701-388-9825 to reserve your spot. This is a huge series - Nebraska Omaha is in first place ahead of us in the NCHC standings - we need a good presence at this series! Go Sioux!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. thanks - I have it on my phone now too.... while I sit at work.... doesn't work on my desk top - guess it knows I should be working - go figure!