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If the Gophers got swept by MTU I would be the happiest man alive because it would shut many Gopher fans up (that is not easy). Lets not kid ourselves though. We all know the Gophers will sweep though.

I'm hopeful but not as sold as you are. The Gophers were a completely different team without Irmen in the lineup last time. The MTU goalie looks to be a very dangerous opponent. I'd be thrilled with a sweep, happy with three points, disappointed with a split, getting ready for the post season with one point or fewer.

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You know what I will make almost any stupid bet known to man, just ask this Gopher fan that I know. However, there is no way in Hell the Goofers loose to game to a pathetic team like the MTU huskies.

They can't match any lines the Gophers can throw at them, even with Briggs in net there is no way they lose any games against MTU. :)

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You're the one who thinks MTU's gunna win, so YOU tell me what the bet is... LOL

How about this. If the MTU sweeps you change your name to "UND the real state of hockey" and if the Gophers sweep I change mine to "UofM is the greatest there has ever been and ever will be"

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