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  1. Aaaah, already too many Sioux fans in my section! Row 9.
  2. Fact check: Gophers have played in the Final 5 championship game the last 2 seasons. And really, the 3rd place game the previous 2 years didn't mean anything for them, as the #1 seed was locked up. Too bad that type of "means nothing" play carried into Regionals.
  3. We've stayed at a few different hotels, and I think the Embassy Suites is the best option. The full breakfast is a bonus. The shuttle service makes the distance, not a big deal. I've walked it too. You can also make a stop at Alary's and catch their free shuttle (i think it's still free) and have a beverage. That's usually my plan.
  4. If you were paying attention to the game, Lucia got a penalty for cross-checking a Mankato player pretty hard into the boards after running Kangas in OT. Not something they wanted to do, as the Gophers were very motivated to win the game, not goon it up. Lucia even said it almost cost them and thanked Kangas for bailing him out for those 2 minutes. Also, Kangas didn't flip-out after getting run into like most goalies would have, he just got up and focused on stopping the puck, not adding drama.
  5. Why don't you guys just wear your $100 Holy Cross jerseys??
  6. You forgot to mention that the ref's are against UND and are paid by UofM. INCH.com hates the Sioux too. All scams against UND........
  7. What do you expect living in St. Paul? I'm sure the Sioux are on local TV in Grand Forks. Move there.
  8. LCGopherFan19


    I'm not claiming the Gopher schedule is difficult. It's just not easy cupcake schedule you are saying, thus trying to discredit the 13-1-3 record. Who has a difficult schedule then? UNH's isn't nothing to brag about. I know the 13-1-3 record doesn't sit well with you, but give some credit when deserved. You still made execuses for the Gopher wins, rather then accepting the Gophers have a pretty good record so far. Could easily be a split this weekend in MTU. Maybe even worse, as MTU is playing pretty good.
  9. LCGopherFan19


    Gopher schedule has seen games against current #3, #7, #8, #9, and #15 teams in country. Includes games against teams that are 2nd and 3rd in WCHA standings. What is so "not difficult" about that? Things could go sour in the future, but right now 13-1-3 is pretty good. (looks better than 7-6-1)
  10. Group A: Canada, USA, Sweden, Slovakia, and Germany Group B: Russia, Finland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Belarus Official site: 2007 IIHF World Junior Championships
  11. Didn't you say that the Gophers had an easy schedule the next few games? (see page 1) Well, MSU is #6 and Michigan is #7 for this weekends games. Tough games for Goldy this weekend. Not lighting the world on fire with predicting that the Gophers might lose a game (or 2) this weekend with the teams coming to Mariucci. Although, the Gophers seem to match-up well against Michigan since they like to play the same style. MSU might give the Gophers some issues.
  12. It never is shocking when UND fans blame the refs for when the UND "halos" lose, and the Gophers get "gimmie" wins (or ties in this case). Poor little UND, not a big ten team to get all the breaks.........
  13. Yeah, I finished the basement last winter, with bar/projector/pub table, and left a perfect spot for a new super chexx game. Should be ordering soon!
  14. I used some stuff on my pub table and bar I got from Home Depot called "Glaze Coat". Sounds the same as the stuff you used from Michael's. Comes in two bottles and you mix and pour on table, then spread around. I think a box was around $20 and it covered 9 sq. ft. It doesn't turn yellow. Tricky part is applying in a place that is dust free and making sure you get all the small bubbles out. Both of mine turned out great! I would post pic, but I don't think any of you would like the pub table with a huge maroon and gold "M" on it.
  15. Great point. Now can we put the rest the lame "home ice advantage" for the Gophers every year at the Final 5?? I don't know why other fans complain, (just to complain about the Gophers I guess) the proof is stated above. Xcel doesn't help the Gophers win. They haven't won a single game in the last 2 Final Fives.
  16. Missed that one, yeah? I thought he was talking about the poor play at the Final 5 by the GOPHERS?
  17. This is a great thread!! I just busted out laughing in cubicle land, which wasn't too cool at work. I always wonder why so many threads get so serious. The "we moved on" quote from Lucia seemed like it was a relief.
  18. I have a UND hockey decal under my toilet seat that someone sent me.
  19. Or maybe it was taking 3 of 4 games from the Sioux last year...... I would take Danica Patrick too.
  20. Some voters seemed to disagree with you. Look out, they might hand the award to Johnson next year. Tell us who will be the Sioux freshman who is more deserving next year?
  21. There is just so much Gopher hockey talk on this board..........
  22. He was the "next one" according to INCH back in July 04. I thought he was great last year. http://www.insidecollegehockey.com/7Archiv...kessel_0245.htm
  23. Where did you get those prices? The best I've found is around $2500 for new ones. Some used ones come up on ebay once-in-awhile. I was going with the custom players too. Not sure if Gophers/Sioux or Gophers/Badgers. Helps my bro is gifted with the paint brush. Will be nice addition for the home bar.
  24. Actually, Holy Cross does have a board. ROTY isn't bad.
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