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UND (6-1) @ Cal State Fullerton (2-4) 12/1 8PM


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UND (KP 241) heads out west for the return game for Fullerton (KP 214) competing in the MTE last year. UND actually kind of had their way with them last year in somewhat of a surprise. 

Well fast forward to this year and UND is riding a 6 game win streak while Fullerton has one D1 win over Southern Miss. Despite the records, KenPom predicts UND to fall in this one 73-68. 

It appears that this is another team with a high scoring guard, Max Jones. He’s averaging 18.5 points, 3.8 boards and 2.8 assists. I’d also keep an eye on Donovan Oday. Looks like he’s coming off the bench but average 10.6 points. I’m mostly interested in him because I was hoping to land him out of high school and then again when he transferred from McNeese State. Not sure if an official offer was ever made either time but he was on their radar at least. 

Looks like we will be able to catch this one on ESPN+. 

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24 minutes ago, sioux24/7 said:

UND is +5.5 with the total at 141.5. Implied score of 73-68. 

I expect to win, but there’s no reason we don’t cover. 

I agree. This is a very winnable game and one that I think we will win. 

I hope we see another performance out of Eli King like he did against Pacific. I think he needs to be more aggressive. He looked way more assertive driving the ball in that game. Getting out in transition more as a team would help a lot as well!

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Just now, sioux24/7 said:

This has ms a bit worried going forward. Obviously we weren’t going to win every game but our offense is nonexistent. 

And we still decide to never try run in transition. Content with walking it up the court every possession and get nothing in the halfcourt

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