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2020-2021 NHL Season


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Sabres ... dulled.
Devils ... exorcised 
Blue Jackets ... given to Goodwill
Red Wings ... clipped
Ducks ... plucked
Flyers ... forgot their masks and vaccination cards and not allowed to board the aircraft 
Senators ... censured
Blackhawks ... down
Rangers ... penned in 
Sharks ... Martin Brody'd 
Stars ... collapsed into a black hole
Coyotes ... hit by giant Acme anvil dropped by a roadrunner
Kings ... abdicated 
Flames ... extinguished
Canucks ... deported to the US
Capitals ... lower-cased
Blues ... seeing red
Oilers ... green-energy'd 
Penguins ... iced
Panthers ... declawed
Predators ... Chris Hansen'd
Wild ... urbanized
Maple Leafs ... raked into a pile in the backyard and set on fire
Jets ... meet Stinger missile 
Hurricanes ... de-eyed
Bruins ... euthanized for rummaging trash cans 
Avalanche ... fallen 
Golden Knights ... tarnished 

Islanders ... beached

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I fricking hate Tampa, always have, but I want that Cup drought for Canada to continue.  On the other hand, the Canadiens winning the Cup would drive Leafs fans insane.  

I don't think it matters who you want to win, Tampa is going to crush Montreal.

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After this season I could see the NHL doing what the NBA did, and I thought it's a good idea.

Have the 7th and 8th seeds (in each conference) play each other in a play in game, the winner gets the #2 seed. The 9th and 10 seeds play each other, the winner gets the looser of the 7th and 8th seed play in game. the two winners play each other to play the #1 seed (in each conference).


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