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Where Is This Forum Headed


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So I feel like a Jim Rome caller, “first time long time”. 

Since 2012 I have logged onto this website everyday since I became a “UND” or “Fighting SIOUX” fan. 

I remember gameday threads going for almost 30 pages. Now we don’t even have a game day thread?

Is AZSioux ok? Where did he go?  Why is GFHockey so calm and only occasionally posts? I know things happen in life and people get busy, but it just seems like this forum is slowly dying. 

I enjoy following Sioux Hockey and the recruiting side and just hope the action on this website can grow and action increase. 


Btw, I always found humor in the brutal punctuation from those that post when they are hammered.

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I think part of the fading away of the gameday threads is that many people have migrated over to the live chat that the Herald puts on.  


But you're right, I've noticed it, too.  We used to regularly have a weekly thread for the upcoming series, then an individual thread for each game of the weekend.  Now it's one thread for the whole thing and even then they rarely get posted in.

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14 minutes ago, Goon said:

Or you could actually expand to other forms of social media. :D 

Ya.......studies show that FB, Instagram and Twitter are all good for one's mental health, self esteem, personal relationships and productivity.

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