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Troy 4 starters back from last years NCAA Tourney team...Including first team all Sun Belt Jordan Varnado and Wesley Person 2nd team preseason SBC.  .... Person son of NBA player.  Tough first game for UND incorporating several newcomers into the rotation ...Curious to see if Dale Jones has retained is bounce and quicks after 2 ACL  repairs... If his wheels look good he should be effective once he works out the cobwebs of barely seeing the court for the last 2 seasons... Troy 80 to 73.

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I think this might be the toughest game out of the three (Hawaii might be as equally tough but I'll give the respect to the team who made the NCAAs last year and has a decent shot to do so again).  I still think UND has too many question marks right now for me to comfortably pick UND in this one, but I do think they can cover the spread.  I want to see how the new pieces fit into the equation to start off the year, especially Stewart and Jones.  I also want to see how Walter is in year 2, where he should be getting more minutes and curious to see how he will step up.  

If there is one game that they need to get, its the Ark-PB game, they are picked near the bottom of the SWAC. 

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