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UND vs Crown (11/11 1 PM)


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The season starts Friday.  Let the March to the top of the Big Sky and a trip to the dance begin!

How will Geno look as a Soph? How will the newbie JUCOs look? Will any freshman play right away? 

I cannot wait!!!! (and yes I know its Crown College, but any basketball is good enough for me)


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I'm not a big basketball fan overall, but I do enjoy watching UND. Hooker needs to absolutely take over this year. I expect a huge jump from Crandall; wonder why no start. Shanks will need to prove himself worthy of starting, he was not great last season, I though Avants outplayed him consistently. 

Who will step up from the perimeter, with McBuckets 2.0 gone. I also looks for big things from Drick. Definitely looking forward to the season starting, but I'll probably have to listen on the radio, as I'll be at work.

Really wish the Big Sky would provide an app on Roku, though I may not have to worry about that as much if we move to the Summit/MVFC.

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