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2 hours ago, stoneySIOUX said:

I was just about to say #WhereIsAZ? In the UND @ DU thread! :)


Tonight, 5-2

Cag, Brock x2, LJ, Simo (for you, IHTINB :)) and for fun.... Nicky with 4 assists.

I say he doesn't, double or nothing for some free FF tix?

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18 minutes ago, Oxbow6 said:

UND hasn't swept at DU since 2003.  Some guys will be getting their legs back under them following some missed game time. No Kelly Green glasses here: 4-2 DU with an ENG.

So we have to wear Kelly Green glasses to think our team will win a game? You a part of that "true fan" club? Lol. I expect a lot of jump from the boys getting back the players they are.

But, CBS.... But, Cam....

Fair enough :)

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28 minutes ago, stoneySIOUX said:

So we have to wear Kelly Green glasses to think our team will win EVERY game? You a part of that "true fan" club? Lol. I expect a lot of jump from the boys getting back the players they are.

But, CBS.... But, Cam....

Fair enough :)


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This may interest members on this site.

From Me…

Dear NCHC,

When the league was being developed, Notre Dame was likely to be part of the league.  However, there were a lot of stories that said Notre Dame decided not to join the league because they could not get a separate TV deal.

That brings me to the question concerning the treatment of other teams and their fans in the NCHC, in relationship to Denver University.

Why is Denver allowed to stop other schools from watching their teams play against Denver unless those other team’s fans subscribe to the exclusive ROOT Sports (I believed owned by DirectTV).

I have an all inclusive NCHCtv subscription.  I understand that NCHC has tried to get a national coverage for the NCHC product through an agreement with CBS Sports.  However, ROOT Sports-Rocky Mountain seems to have an exclusive with Denver.  We may have lost Notre Dame because of how they wanted to televise their home games.  Why does Denver and ROOT Sports have an exclusive.  The game should at least be available to subscribers of the NCHCtv. If ROOT Sports is not allowing broadcast of their game through NCHCtv then they should not be allowed to televise the game at all.

Look forward to a reply.


Reply from NCHC

Thank you for your email and your concern. That is a very valid question to ask. The simple answer is that Denver’s contract with ROOT was signed before NCHC.tv existed and even before the NCHC began play (it was signed about 4 years ago). So unfortunately that deal was already in place and there wasn’t much we could do about ROOT owning streaming rights. Even the University of Denver is not allowed to stream games on ROOT on their own website. Once DU’s contract with ROOT is complete, which we believe is this season or next season, we will certainly talk to them about making sure we have all streaming rights for their regional TV games. Any new TV contracts we have signed as a conference (with the lone exception being CBSSN like you mentioned), we have made sure to include we have the rights to stream the games (such as games on FOX Sports North, FOX College Sports and American Sports Network).

Last year no Denver home games were available on NCHC.tv because of their contract with their website provider (CBSi) but this year we were able to get all Denver home games on NCHC.tv except for those on ROOT/CBSSN. So we have made some progress with Denver and will continue to work with them.

We have worked hard to have many games televised at least regionally if not nationally (hence the FSN, FCS and ASN games we’ve added the last year or two), while also still being able to stream as many games as possible on NCHC.tv. Unfortunately sometimes this isn’t always possible, but we will continue to push to have as many games as possible available on both some form of linear TV and on NCHC.tv.

That said, I know ROOT Sports is not available on local cable in North Dakota, but it is available on both DirecTV and DISH Network, so you should be able to find a place that is televising the game (a friend’s house with satellite, a bar, etc.).

Hopefully that helps explain things.

Thanks again for your concern and support of NCHC.tv.


Michael Weisman  

Director of Communications

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