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  1. Dang, thanks for the heads up - those new jerseys are killer! I might actually have to buy one. Isn't the logo on the shoulder patch? I definitely used to be "Sioux Forever" (and the part of me that learned to read on media guides/programs/etc always will), but I've realized it wasn't worth the controversy and also that Native American imagery is probably not well-suited for athletic team names. Fighting Hawks is a super lame name and I'm glad to see this alternate jersey unveiled. They obviously had full support of the athletic department, so I don't see the issue.
  2. Vaccinated individuals have less severe symptoms AND are less likely to contract COVID. If everyone were vaccinated, we'd have fewer people with the virus and those that did catch it would (on average) have better outcomes. Sounds awesome and not hard to understand at all!
  3. Pretty sure his dad went to UND. Typical Cities pretty boy, but a good enough dude and hopefully he steers his kid to Engelstad.
  4. Nice work Moderator. Would love to read only about UND hockey on this website, but a handful of you guys (moderator included wtf) feel compelled to unnecessarily bring a very debatable and politically sensitive topic into darn near every discussion. I bet the other moderators are really impressed with your posts like the above.
  5. It is science-based, but a bunch of people in this country decided to make it political. I know, it's crazy.
  6. I think most of us don't, but some people are experts on all subjects and like to come here and point out even the smallest flaws in other people's decision making. Bonus points if there's a reference to the so-called "raging pandemic".
  7. Let's talk about some new or good restaurants in GF so we stay on thread! I know the mods only shut down the political talk when there's a response (ref always get the retaliation!) so I guess you guys can keep it up. Personally, I miss Player's. Two for one drinks and half-priced apps really helped me out back in the day. I used a Jedi mind trick on the bartender/manager to get a pitcher of beer and four Morgan Cokes for the price of a pitcher. 4 beers in a pitcher, the equivalent two-for was 4 drinks. $8 I think. Had a good local stumble my last couple years at school with a cheap buzz at Players and blackjack and dirty girls at Southgate. These days, I'm a big fan of JL Beers and Vinyl Taco.
  8. yep, sorry. shoulda just pasted the pdf like stoneySIOUX up a couple posts...
  9. Mishmash Adams Kawaguchi Hain Pinto Gaber Budy Weatherby Ness Blaisdell Senden Caulfield (Keane) Kiersted JBD Sanderson Frisch Kleven Bast Scheel Go Sioux!
  10. Nice conspiracy theory bro. Got any more? My guess is yes.
  11. Glad to move on as I'm not going to get into a pissing match over something this absurd. I scanned that link and didn't see a single sentence about it not being highly contagious - what'd I miss? If it's not highly contagious, how are there so dang many cases? Can we blame testing some more?
  12. If i were you, I'd listen to the other information you've gotten about covid and not the opinion of some crackpot on this website. What's just left of alt-right? Yowza.
  13. No one is scared by the total number of positives in ND. There aren’t enough people in ND for that number to be soooo scary. It absolutely is the daily positivity rates and the per capita rates that have people concerned. And to the guy upthread talking about all the asymptomatic 5 - 39 year olds being incentivized to get tested and increasing the case numbers - do you have any data for that or did you pull it out of the air? And what incentives are you talking about? Is the incentive to know if you’re positive for the highly contagious virus overloading our hospital systems and causing many fatalities, or is there something more sinister at play here? WTAF
  14. Doesn't that link point to a Trump tweet calling Powell a member of his team on 11/14? Kinda splitting hairs regardless, they had her up there speaking on their behalf so regardless of a technicality or Trump's tweet, she was at the very least taking a face-off whether she was on the team or not.
  15. If you'll reread what I said, I said giving access to screenings and preventative healthcare on a regular basis was a good idea. I never said anyone was being denied access to healthcare. You guys and your straw man arguments in this thread are tiresome. But, when it's the only tool in your toolbox, it doesn't really how matter dull it is, eh? I was only talking about Canada's healthcare to prop them up for something besides legal weed, all-dressed chips, and their hospitality in my Walsh Hall days. I'd rather continue discussing the tinfoilers that think the election was rigged against Trump. I had no idea the internet was this full of smart people (maybe) following ludicrous conspiracy theories, jiminy Christmas.
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