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  1. Pretty sure his dad went to UND. Typical Cities pretty boy, but a good enough dude and hopefully he steers his kid to Engelstad.
  2. Nice work Moderator. Would love to read only about UND hockey on this website, but a handful of you guys (moderator included wtf) feel compelled to unnecessarily bring a very debatable and politically sensitive topic into darn near every discussion. I bet the other moderators are really impressed with your posts like the above.
  3. It is science-based, but a bunch of people in this country decided to make it political. I know, it's crazy.
  4. I think most of us don't, but some people are experts on all subjects and like to come here and point out even the smallest flaws in other people's decision making. Bonus points if there's a reference to the so-called "raging pandemic".
  5. Let's talk about some new or good restaurants in GF so we stay on thread! I know the mods only shut down the political talk when there's a response (ref always get the retaliation!) so I guess you guys can keep it up. Personally, I miss Player's. Two for one drinks and half-priced apps really helped me out back in the day. I used a Jedi mind trick on the bartender/manager to get a pitcher of beer and four Morgan Cokes for the price of a pitcher. 4 beers in a pitcher, the equivalent two-for was 4 drinks. $8 I think. Had a good local stumble my last couple years at school with a cheap buzz at Players and blackjack and dirty girls at Southgate. These days, I'm a big fan of JL Beers and Vinyl Taco.
  6. yep, sorry. shoulda just pasted the pdf like stoneySIOUX up a couple posts...
  7. Mishmash Adams Kawaguchi Hain Pinto Gaber Budy Weatherby Ness Blaisdell Senden Caulfield (Keane) Kiersted JBD Sanderson Frisch Kleven Bast Scheel Go Sioux!
  8. Agreed - not like I'm going to root for those metro/private school/Eurotrash Pioneers or anything, but it would seem like the best Pairwise scenario is for UND to hold on to the #1 overall (maximum protection in any potential bracket iterations) and have DU stay on the 1-seed line to avoid ending up in their regional. Wooster with BC as the 2 sounds like something the Sioux would get "rewarded" with, but hopefully it's more like Allentown/PSU. disclaimer: single-elimination postseason hockey is highly dependent on streaky snipers, goaltenders, and puck luck. Above discussion is meant to pass time in late January and will not have any bearing on the eventual results in the NCAA tournament.
  9. Have two extra in 302. Will sell for a beer and a shot each. Thank you.
  10. That makes sense, thanks for clearing that up. Getting the login credentials out of my non-tech savvy parents was such a challenge that when we finally logged in and couldn't watch, I was devastated. Guess it's time to get the credit card out for NCHC.tv... Thanks again.
  11. Anyone have any tips to use MidcoSN online? My folks are visiting and we tried to use the TV Everywhere-->MidcoSN stream, and we got to watch some high school football. The hockey showed on the schedule, but couldn't find a way to stream it. Any advice?? We listened on the radio, but were hoping to watch tonight. I've been on the fence about NCHC.tv this year but maybe I'll just drop in. Thanks for any help and go Sioux/Hawks!
  12. That picture against the Gophs looks like it was taken right by the TV well that our tickets were just above. Great shot!
  13. In a long career of lurking on sports message boards, this current discussion might actually be one of the most ridiculous I've had the pleasure of reading. Gripe all you want about the lack of scoring on the current squad, but to waste people's time saying we don't have an elite program is the definition of trolling. Or a colossal waste of time for all involved, tough to say. I'm a UND hockey fan and roughly 58% Irish (100% on St Paddy's Day), and this guy makes me shake my head. I'm guessing he has similar struggles with the difference between weather and climate?
  14. Sweet thanks. Pony up for playoffs NCHC.tv or listen to Tim on the radio sound like the options...
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