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Apparently they give a lot of points for being located in the mountains (Weber St, SUU).  Not much UND can do about that, but I agree UND can do a lot more in terms of reminding the people of North Dakota UND has a team and getting the fans more into the game.

Also hurting UND in these rankings, the same guy reviewed the Alerus and the Fargodome.  The Fargodome has a very good gameday atmosphere, I don't think anyone here will argue against that.  Makes the Alerus look worse than it really is.  And if you go into the actual review, he's apparently very cheap, as he knocked the Al a lot for the prices of concession items and drinks.  He also knocked the Al for the craft beer selection, what craft beers does the F-dome sell?  Food and drinks at the Al got 3* and the F-dome got 4*.

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2 hours ago, CMSioux said:

Tailgating would be helped a lot if UND started caring more about it. There are too many spots that are "reserved" but never get used which leaves huge gaps in the tailgating area and makes it tough to socialize. It should be use it or lose it. Also not really sure how having site reservations helps - do away from reservations and have it pay as you go - those that are hard core will get the spot they want anyway. They could still sell season passes for tailgating it just wouldn't be for a specific spot. 

Also they should start some kind of tradition to have an alert when the team is arriving (a screaming hawk over a PA system) so everyone drops everything and heads over to the welcome line. Too many times the team had arrived and those who are farthest away had no clue. 

I like these ideas a lot. I am all for the first come first serve tailgate spots. Can't stand the people that pull up to their tailgate spot 20 mins before kickoff. Having 20 spots between tailgaters not only looks dumb but takes away form the tailgate experience interacting with other fans!!

The screeching hawk call is something that should not only be considered using at the tailgate lot to alert fans if he team arriving, but something hat should be used in the in game production of many sports as well.  

Alex Kroke is the main contact for tailgating issues for UND  I have dealt with him several times  he is a good guy.  If you have and ideas, he would be more than happy to hear them.


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30 minutes ago, MrEdway said:

The screeching hawk is the last thing I want to hear. So predictable, so lame. 

I disagree. I think a screeching hawk on the PA and fans making their own hawk noises in the stands, especially on the road, would be sweet revenge for all those who were for getting rid of the name and making jokes such as Whioux? It would be funny.

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