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A year ago at this time, Dubey didn't have one team interested in him.  Three teams later, he finds one that "fits".  Not sure how he turned from a minimum wage backup player to an all-star in a few months, but the Wild need him.  Hopefully Dubey will realize HE needs the Wild too and they can come to terms reasonably. 

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Overrated.  Had half a year of quality work...  


Definitely overrated, but still gotta see if he's a true No. 1. Haven't had any luck on that front well, ever, for the WIld lol.


I'm a Rangers fan, so I'll be quiet on the goaltender talk :)

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He's been average at best his entire career up until this year. Part time starter in Edmonton and backup in Arizona isn't very good. The biggest mistake many teams make is dropping a huge contract on an average goalie because they got hot at the right time. The Wild are definitely the best defensive team Dubnyk has had in front of him but I think he is more likely to return to playing like the goalie that made him a backup in Arizona than play like a goalie that looked like an all-star in Minnesota.

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