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  1. As many have said above, went to NCHC tourney and will be at the Frozen Four. Its easy to pass on a UND-less regional unless its in my "backyard" vicinity.
  2. Why not? The Denny has to know the situation and the possibility that the "host" wont be there. Besides, I highly doubt the regional bid fee is all that high. The NCAA is already having difficulty filling the four regional slots each year (see: Notre Dame a couple years ago).
  3. Thanks Jim. I'm in. I usually root for a ND so...
  4. Damn those guys looked like MEN back then! Hey... is that a younger Al Pearson in his cowboy hat at the :40 second mark?
  5. Some dude named Hakstol ??
  6. Tom Jurich from Louisville should be available soon (if his ousting is not already official).
  7. Yeah especially since Faison likes to stay out of the limelight. <<<sarc>>>
  8. Yuck! One of the major problems I have with the logo is, if you didn't KNOW it was a North Dakota logo, you can't tell that's a N and a D. Ask anyone outside the region and I'd bet dollars to dimes they couldn't tell you what school that logo belongs too. That's a sign of a terrible logo.
  9. Holy Guacamole'. That's a lot of chips! I thought ELC's were like $950K?
  10. The writing was on the ice. Or was it in the stands hidden under all those empty seats.
  11. Winner winner chicken dinner. You win a hockey puck and a speedo.
  12. What did you expect the dept to do? Tell Kennedy to stick it?
  13. Not that it matters, but can anyone name more than 2 if I spot you a Lam and a Roo?
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