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Anyone having problems with NCHC.tv tonight

SiouxFan in DU Country

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13 hours ago, SIOUXFAN97 said:

when you say cast from your laptop do you mean the generic cast button that casts your whole screen or a dedicated cast button like they use with netflix and hbo go?  

I use the generic cast button but once I go full screen a window comes up with an "optimize casting" button. If I press that, the game just plays on the chromecast and I just use the laptop for seeking/skipping.

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12 hours ago, SiouxTupa said:

If you go to the nchc.tv website from the phone browser and start streaming a game, is there's cast button in that video window? That's really lame that the app functionality seems to have decreased.


A cheap Roku fixes the issue quick, but shouldn't be necessary with proper phone casting, which we had last year.

The phone browser does have the casting button, but for me it's basically unwatchable due to the low quality, freezing, glitching etc. Not sure why its worse than my laptop.

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I apologize for my question. My tablet is on the fritz, does anyone use Chromecast for NCHC.TV? Also, is the NCHC App in the app store of Smart TV's?

Or other recommendations. I am also looking for other options that I can also use with Dirtvision. 

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I've chromecasted from a laptop. I think the playback is a little bit choppy at times but worth testing if you have it already.

Roku app works ok but compared to nchc.tv website it's really basic.

Like UNDColorado, my preferred method is laptop->hdmi->tv. 

I'd be surprised to see smart tv's with an NCHC app unless it's android and you can get it from the play store. If your tv has a built in browser, test nchc.tv.

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