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Montana @ UND


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Must win at home today. Last time against the Griz one player basically beat us with Jamar scoring 33 points, half his points came from the line. Last time I believe Huff was guarding him and maybe this time Jones will put our best straight up defender on him and I believe that should be Schuler. He may not be the quickest but he plays between the defender and the basket better than anybody on this team and he boxes out. Montana just came off a loss and they are in the same boat as us with a much needed win.

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Jones did his best to lose this game. First we had a 10 point lead in the first half and Montana went into a zone and we had the wrong players and Jones

did not make the changes for the zone and our lead went from 10 to losing by 4. We put in our shooters and team players and they regained the lead to 6. Then in the 2nd half he did not sub after the 12-13 minute mark like he has done the past 3-4 games and left those 5 in and slowly the lead slipped away once again. Why he does not have our best defenders and free throw shooters in at least the last 4-5 minutes blows me away. He has Antwi, Nash and Webb in for defense and puts Stefen and Schuler in to just input the ball in the last 2 minutes. Schuler and Stefen are much better defenders and FT shooters than Antwi, Webb and Nash but they are in for defense and Schuler and Stefen only to inbound the ball. Jones rotation in these games makes absolutely no sense and who is playing when. You cant continue to have the same 5 guys in the final 12-13 minutes and expect them to have the energy to play.

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