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  1. Just went to Wright States website and they have us playing North Florida on November 25th and Wright State on November 26th. Guess its official.
  2. Saw on Wright State University website that they are hosting a tournament and North Dakota is listed as one of the teams in late November.. Not sure if its us or they left out meant the team down south.
  3. UND played hard and played tough all night. Singlen hit some unbelievable shots at the end and we missed way too many free throws. The gap between us and Weber/Montana is close as once again like 3 years ago in the semi's we should have won but they made the big shots at the end and we didn't.
  4. I don't necessarily disagree with you but don't forget all the injuries that happened that last year. Brekke out the entire year which was huge, Schuler missed a bunch of games including the conference finals, Webb was injured conference finals ( played first couple minutes) with knee injury and Nash was playing with a torn knee muscle in the finals also. A certain black cloud hung over this group their senior years that if all healthy would have possibly been dancing then and definitely a much better record.
  5. Agree with your first game assessment but to comfortably win the second game I do question. They are the higher seed for a reason so I would assume we are the underdog in this game. Do I believe we will win, yes, but not necessarily comfortably.
  6. Guess we need to ask the players why they can't shoot on the road against the top teams. Maybe its boredom sitting around in a motel room all day with basically nothing to do. Who knows..............
  7. I'm not a Jones supporter and disagree on a lot of what he does but when your studs go out and throw up bricks all night long and only one player performs out of 8-9 guys you can't put much blame on the coach. Between Hooker, Crandell, Seales, McDermitt did they even shoot 20% and how many turnovers did Crandell have? It was an ugly game performed by all the players except one. They have been playing great basketball as of late and hopefully their memories of last night are gone and ready for tomorrow. Bad games are going to happen and more so on the road. Not sure what needs to happen except to win tomorrow to get a top 4 seed as I'm sure besides the win other things need to happen.
  8. Hooker 1-8 and Geno 1-5 and we are only down 10 and still very much in this especially if Hooker gets hot.
  9. That is correct. They finished the regular season 2nd their 2nd year in the league and I believe they finished 3rd in their 1st year in the league.
  10. Depends on how we do in the conference tournament. This team has the potential to make it to the finals and if that is done then UND should be #1 next year with everyone coming back.
  11. If the Huff led team passed the ball and worked the ball like this current team they would have been better than this current team and probably would have danced in their junior or senior years. Also, its obvious this current team has much more chemistry and enjoy each other more than the past team. With that being said I also agree with the green team that they arrived at a difficult transition period an did accomplish more than what we give them credit for with 2 Great West championships and a tough semi-final loss to Weber and a finals lost to Weber. A healthy Brekke would have made a big difference but don't forget that Webb, Schuler and even Nash was injured in the championship game with Schuler and Webb( a few minutes) didn't even play. I would not be surprised if UND is projected first next year in the conference with everyone coming back and the addition of Baker and others.
  12. Have to agree as this team plays so much more together than the teams of years past. Its unfortunate because the Huff class had so much talent but if you don't play as a team and unselfish then you will never be a great team.
  13. Why cant some of you just be happy with a win. Complain if we win and complain if we lose. This team just beat a very hot Eastern Washington team so they are dangerous against anybody. Honestly I believe the league is very down this year in quality teams and on any given night this year anybody can beat anybody. The conference tournament will show this as one upset after another will occur.
  14. That was one ugly half for both teams. 22-22
  15. So are their 2 top players still out? If so we should take this one on the road.
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