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Big Sky TV deal


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Didnt know where to put this but wonder how it affects us??


I'm assuming it won't affect us all that much. Altitude has been the Big Sky's television partner in recent seasons. At most, it probably just means that any time North Dakota plays Montana or Montana St. in football, you'll have more options to watch it, especially if you live in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, or Montana. All UM and MSU games are televised home and away, and the FSSN/UNDSN has a good track record of picking up available satellite feeds of away games. This might make it easier for Sioux fans that are not DirecTV or Midcontinent subsribers to see the Sioux. My understanding is that UND's deal with Fox College Sports is largely unaffected by any TV deals that the Big Sky or the NCHC makes. Just that Root Sports and CBS College Sports will have "first-right-of-refusal" type deal....................

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I've been wondering this for a while. Does anyone know why Root sports has taken over fsn in some markets?

Directv owns what was FS Rocky Mtn, FS Pittsburgh and FS Northwest. SInce Fox no longer owns them Directv changed the nams to ROOT. They still show lots of programming from Fox Sports though

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From an EWU blog... big sky tv deal.

DIRECTV Sports Networks will produce and televise up to 18 Big Sky Conference football games each season, including the annual Montana-Montana State rivalry game, beginning with the 2012 football season. Under the agreement, it may also broadcast up to 12 regular season conference basketball games as well as Big Sky quarterfinal and semifinal conference men’s basketball tournament games. All events will be produced and distributed in High Definition with new state-of-the-art graphics elements customized for the Big Sky Conference and its teams.
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DIRECTV Sports Networks owns and operates three regional sports networks branded as ROOT SPORTS™. The three ROOT SPORTS networks reach more than 8.7 million viewers across 18 states, including Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, North Dakota, Utah and Colorado in the Big Sky Conference footprint. Big Sky Conference games will be distributed primarily to the Northwest and Rocky Mountain ROOT SPORTS networks, which are carried by all major distributors in those territories, including Comcast, DIRECTV, DISH Network, Cablevision and many others. In addition, as the national television rights holder for Big Sky athletics, DIRECTV Sports Networks will have the ability to distribute Big Sky games both regionally and nationally.

Very good news for the people that have DirecTV... So If I am reading this right I be able to see a a few football games on my DirecTV, more reason to have switched.

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More Questions and Answers regarding the Root deal.

I like this one....

Q: How does the ROOT contract impact the Big Sky schools financially?

A: Certainly our schools will see a financial gain because of the ROOT contract, but it's not the type of money schools in the Pac-12, SEC or Big 12 get from their television contracts. This deal benefits all of our schools, and all of our institutions will see more money than what they currently receive in TV money. The Big Sky is unique among FCS conferences in that we make money through television. Many FCS conferences pay to have their games on TV. For us, the exposure this contract provides is vital. Our coaches and Athletics Directors are excited about this venture. It will expose our teams and universities to millions of homes.

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