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UND vs. St. Cloud State


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We need to do some hitting:

1) Bowencamp needs to hit open targets.

2) Travis Lueck needs to hit the open field.

3) Adam Roland and Brandon Strouth need to hit the holes.

4) Jeff Glas needs to hit field goals from 50 yards without hitting the crossbar.

5) The defense needs to hit Heckendorf. Really, really hard.

Bonus) The coaches (no names) need to hit the books and mix it up a bit. I'd have a million points with this team playing "QB1" :angry:

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IMO, two things lost this game for the Sioux last year. One, the uncharacteristic inability to stop the run. A then-unknown freshman named Matt Birkel ran for an unheard-of 180 yards against UND. That can't happen again, needless to say. The other thing that hurt the Sioux was the fact that we could not run the ball at all against what had traditionally been a very porous SCSU run defense. 19 rushes for 15 yards isn't going to get it done against anybody.

Heckendorf is a great qb, but I would much rather be beaten via the pass than the run. I have to wonder if maybe too much emphasis was put on slowing down the passing attack last year, which the Sioux did a pretty good job of, but that emphasis resulted in the running game doing far better than what they normally would have against a UND defense. SCSU has a very balanced offense, so I think the Sioux need to play their base defense and just count on the fact that our defensive scheme and talent is good enough to limit SCSU to 20-24 points without putting any special emphasis on stopping Heckendorf. Even having given up 430 yards last year, the Huskies only managed 20 points.

Offensively, UND needs to utilize its big receivers, particularly Lueck. He generally has a large advantage over the db's who will try to cover him with 6'3" to 6'4" height, excellent speed, and a 36"-plus vertical. It would be foolish not to utilize him more in the passing game. Hopefully, the Sioux can figure out a way to run the ball consistently, as well. Obviously, Roland's numbers ended up being very good against Augie, but I don't think they can wait until the 4th quarter to run effectively against St. Cloud and expect to win.

And finally, I agree that Jeff Glas has to be able to make some field goals if given the opportunity. Thus far, he's 0 for 4 on the year beyond 24 yards.

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THis is my taking on the game. The sioux defense has been improving in large steps in every quarter since the Mesa State Game. Were seeing a more balance of playing time, and guys are starting to step up. St.Cloud does not have the WR talent of Newberry , so Im not concerned about our corners. Heckendorf, is good because he has set in his mind, he throws to this spot, at this certain time. The sioux did a good job of covering up there blitzes against auggie. (Even as a fan, I could usualy tell which side they were blitzing from). How well they do this against the Huskies will be the determining factor on the season. The blitzing in correlation with the dropping will need to be effecient on saturday. Pressure, Pressure, Pressure. Hitting the quarterback at all available opportunities, even on interceptions :D .

Offensively we need to run, run , run, and run effectively. Eat up that clock, and wear down that defense, so that our defense is fresh against that offense. Roland will be key, as will Schwenzfire in my mind. Teams might be keying when Strouth comes in the game. In proper balance, Ahlers , Lueck, Johnson, Stattleman, Grossman will need to have the game of their lives. If not all of them, atleast one or two. Glass will be on the big stage, and Personally I think he will win the game.

Special Teams: This must be in the victory column for the sioux, in order to add another one in the victory column. Kickoff, KickReturn, Punt, Punt Return, Field Goal, and Field Goal Block. Im excited about these the most because a lot of our young explosive players( Wolff, Brennan, Greenwood, Charles, Babington-Johnson, Brandstead, Gagner, Ullsberger,Schmitz) are out there. I look for this to be a sign that the future as well as the present look bright for the followers of Grand Forks.

My final score:

UND(aka UNDefeated in conference!!!!!! :angry: )16- SCSU-3

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6:03 left in the fourth quarter.

Huskies go three and out. UND will get the ball back with a little over 5 minutes left.

Big 4th and 11 coming up for UND.

Sioux punt. Great punt. SCSU get the ball back on their own 13.

3:16 left. SCSU 2nd and 10.

3rd and 6 coming up. Sioux take a timeout. 3:06 left.

SCSU picks up first down on huge play to the 50. Someone didn't cover the TE.

UND has no more timeouts. Stop SCSU at the 45. It's 4th and 1 1/2. Looks like SCSU will punt.

Sioux get the ball back at their own 16 with 1:15 left and no timeouts. :angry:

UND down to the 48 yard line.

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WOW!!!! When we were down 3-28 and the announcers said "just hold them scoreless and create at least one turnover to win," I was skeptical. When we lined up for a 52-yd field goal with 8 seconds remaining, I was skeptical. The Sioux showed what they can do!


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