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Whither CC?


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Some of you may have seen this elsewhere on the net, but it bears repeating. If this proposal goes through, CC would be forbidden from granting scholarships to its D-I hockey team.

Division III Management Council plots legislative course for future

In what may prove to a controversial proposal, the Council agreed to endorse the elimination of financial aid awarded by Division III member institutions in sports classified in another division. In other words, Division III institutions that sponsor a Division I sport would be prohibited from offering athletics scholarships in those sports, though they could still maintain them at the Division I level otherwise. The proposal also would include an August 1, 2008, effective date to give affected schools adequate time to prepare for the implementation of the new requirement. The proposal currently would affect 12 sports sponsored at eight institutions.
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In other words,

In an effort to keep a school who is registered at DIII at a DIII level, any non DIII sports played at such school must not be able to attract athletes who play at a level better than the conference the school is registered in.

If that doesn't make sense, then let's put it this way: NCAA, by endorsing this rule and passing it, is ensuring that schools that have DI competitive teams quickly make their teams noncompetitive. Good for them, I'm sure they are making the best decision about helping their already tainted reputation.


A Note to CC players: If this goes through and you are on scholarship, it's decision time! If you are a freshman or sophomore, TRANSFER. If you are a junior or a senior and you are drafted: GO PRO. Jump ship, the NCAA just torpedo'd your program.

Of course, if this is overturned or I am just overreacting and CC is able to do something for their DI players, then I apologize. If I am correct, CC's going to go down hill fast.

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If passed, what a crock. A bunch of bureaucrats trying

to justify their paychecks by meddling into affairs

that need no meddling. "No major scandals at the

DI level lately? Hey, let's see what we can turn

upside down for our DIII friends?" Can you

imagine if they did this for DII institutions also?

Oy! There would be only 15-20 or so DI hockey

teams left...

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I've said it before, I'll repeat:

It looks to me like the NCAA is trying to go to a pre-1973 model with only two levels.

Why do I say this? This move seems to force CC (et al) to move to DII.

Why would the NCAA want only two levels? Because they lose money sponsoring championships (except for DI mens basketball and DI mens hockey).

Another fine move by The Best Little Monopoly in America.

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Another thought just struck me:

What if this passes? How long until someone comes up with the idea that DIIs playing up should be limited to the DII number of scholarships?

Yes, even though they've eliminated the DII championship (and effectively DII hockey), the NCAA still has a DII mens hockey scholarship limit, 13.5, versus the DI mens limit of 18. (It's 18 and 18 for womens.)

We know that the NCAA made a move to only give autobids to DI tourney to conferences where all the members are full DIs. The WCHA had to be "grandfathered" around that one.

If they are trying to do this to CC (and a few eastern DIII schools) how long until they go after the DIIs playing up?

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I can't see the NCAA splitting up the WCHA in the near future. But this brings up the old idea of a Big 10 Hockey Conference. They would need to add some hockey schools, or else have some current members add hockey as a sport. Would UND at that point be a possibility for an addition to the Big 10? :)

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I can only assume that Sicatoka's concerns are directly related to his not-so-secret agenda of wanting UND to move to D-I :)

This is really completely unrelated to D-II or UND. First, this was a recommendation from the D-III management council, not some uber-NCAA governing body, so it's certainly not setting any sort of precedent. To put this recommendation in context, D-III has absolutely no scholarships; in fact, many of the teams are practically intramural such that anyone who wants to play can literally walk on. That's a vastly different governance attitude from D-II. Further, I suspect the D-II hockey schools have enough clout that they could get the D-II hockey scholarship limit changed if it really came down to that.

Keeping our eye on the ball -- this affects a very small number of programs (I think about 5 hockey and about 5 other). It's tough to predict whether those schools will be able to mount sufficient opposition. On the other hand, you can read the list of new D-II schools in the D-IAA forum to see that CC could easily to move to D-II and fit right in :)

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I'm not sure who you think you're quoting but I've always said UND is a DII playing up in DI hockey because that is how they are classified by the NCAA.

However, by today's standards of DI (Morris Brown University? Robert Morris University?) UND is far more "DI" than a great number of "DIs." (I've been told that UND mens basketball outdrew more than half of the DI mens basketball teams last season.)

Big 10 hockey? Maybe if it formed and a non-hockey school (Northwestern, Indiana, etc.) would be allowed to have UND play as their "proxy" I could see it as a possibility (but I wouldn't hold my breath).

What's all this telling me? The NCAA is a mess.

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But this brings up the old idea of a Big 10 Hockey Conference. They would need to add some hockey schools, or else have some current members add hockey as a sport. Would UND at that point be a possibility for an addition to the Big 10? :)

Big Ten Hockey is never going to happen. First off not enough of the teams have division one hockey.

There is what five teams?

Ohio State

Michigan State




Next, someone is going to be on the recieving end each game, in other words what a tough conference.

They have been talking about this for 10 years and all it has been is lip service. Not going to happen. Let them talk...

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