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nobody wants to play us.

Of course not...not when Denver is ripe to be upset, they have not been playing well these days.

I am stuck listening to Shaver and Sonmor on the radio at work...these guys are 10x worse than Mozocco and Woog. Make that 100x. :silly:

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Gordon punched Stalock no DQ. If you are a Gopher and you keep your gloves to throw a punch you only get a minor according to McClown's WCHA rule book.

Listening to WCCO, you'd never know Gordon did anything...Shaver wanted a 5 on 3 out of that.

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i have dish, no fssn, so stuck listening to the sioux, and watching the dogs and the goofs on mute... the dogs are a MUCH better team than the goofs tonight.

Too bad I went to last nights game...Oh well, RWD is there tonight, so she is seeing a good game. My seats were right next to the Goof band...my ears were still ringing from the rouser when I got home... :silly:

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