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  1. Just commenting on UN_ contending in the MVFC... Just the facts. Go back to the big sky where you belong. P.S. UN_ is getting blown out in there second conference game this year... let's start small and work up to contending in another conference. Sorry.
  2. You need to stop sniffing french fry oil. Have some respect! UN_ has done nothing in there D1 era to make a comment like this... just watch... we have been... UN_ stinks! Here I will make it simple for you. One playoff loss... countless blowout losses.
  3. Wrong... It still looks bad.
  4. This is the most delusional comment ever.
  5. Games is plural. Game is singular. Example. UND has hosted one FCS playoff game. NDSU. Has hosted multiple FCS playoff games. If hosting playoff games is the barometer of success to you then 3>1. For this season...
  6. NDSU> Iowa > U Michigan and Nebraska your math. not mine.
  7. Good to know... thanks. If you don't think playing the best Fcs team in the country and having the game on the most TV's posable is good for your program. than your program is destined to fail.
  8. It's lonely at the top... but it's a b...h at the bottom. Obviously the MVFC knows who strengthens their Brand. Its a no brainer to let the biggest fan base in your conference broadcast the game...
  9. Quit acting like you are already equals. ..and it might. 81 and 6> one nice season...
  10. Slowly tapering down... to #1? Lol.
  11. You have 5 team in your conference with the same or worse record as isu... so no that's not as good. I will say this slow. So with an unbalanced schedule if you play the bottom teams and win 5 games you're not good either. Your big game against Northern Arizona A 5 win team with three wins against the bottom part of the schedule is not a good team. if you think uni is overhyped and they might be. Then Northern Arizona being rank is an absolute joke! Their biggest win is over Weber State! If you can't figure that out then there is no hope.
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