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  1. Biden pleads for Trump supporters to put away the harsh rhetoric and move forward together. He called Trump supporters ugly a week ago.
  2. Obviously you just didn't get the memo. Covid only comes for you if you attend a Trump rally, want your kids to go to school in person, or support keeping businesses open. If you gather in the name of social justice, Covid will avoid you.
  3. There are people in this country who think a few facebook ads from russia determined the 2016 election.
  4. https://thehill.com/changing-america/enrichment/arts-culture/524877-indoor-concerts-may-be-made-safe-from-coronavirus They didn't waste much time toning down the hysteria.
  5. As soon as the numbers from Miami-Dade County came in, it was pretty easy to call. Why it took so long? The world may never know.
  6. Trump has nearly doubled Biden's votes in Alaska with well over 50% reported, and still hasn't been called.
  7. NC has announced they won't update their total vote count until..........NOVEMBER 12TH.
  8. Nevada has now said they will release some more results tonight, as opposed to yesterday as they had already said, due to high interest in their results. WHAT A !@#$ SHOW
  9. Same reason NC has been at 100% reported and they still haven't called it.
  10. Was always this close. Polls were somehow even worse than 2016.
  11. Another 100 million spent to try and unseat Susan Collins and Joni Ernst down the drain. Over 300 million spent in four Senate race losses for dems.
  12. Wait till they learn who Floyd voted for in the election.
  13. Why should they have had to change election laws two weeks prior to the election?
  14. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf: "We may not know the results today" How this is somehow acceptable is completely embarrassing.
  15. Trump campaign is hanging onto Arizona. I honestly could care less if Trump wins the election but I would love to see Arizona flip back and listen to Fox News have to explain their rationale for calling it so quickly.
  16. I thought Texas would be purple in 2024 if Trump won reelection. A Biden presidency coming after guns and fracking isn't going to do any favors in Texas
  17. Biden isn't going to be president for 4 years.
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