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  1. Imagine trying to justify the comments you're making.
  2. Not a single person finds this funny. Grow up.
  3. Nice little echo chamber the two of you have going. Very cute.
  4. What an absolutely vile comment. Nothing like suggesting someone should kill himself because they have a different opinion than you. You should be ashamed.
  5. Fantastic way of avoiding the question. Well done. Thanks for the update on how you feel though. We were all so worried.
  6. I think it's an attack on women. Shameful, really.
  7. Glad his death works out pretty well for you two.
  8. So there should be a lot of evidence backing up that claim then, right? I'll wait for you to find it.
  9. "If you're questioning who to vote for, me or Donald Trump, then you ain't black" - Joe Biden
  10. https://www.sun-sentinel.com/coronavirus/fl-ne-coronavirus-florida-children-rate-20200725-woaowotttrbdxc4cqqshttqkje-story.html "computer programming error"
  11. I find this statement hilarious coming from you because you've done nothing here except spew your bias beliefs. Quit acting like you're better than us and just own it.
  12. Fauci's first pitch was about as accurate as anything he's said the last four months.
  13. How about you do some critical thinking and respond with some reasonable answers/solutions instead of avoiding the conversation by derailing it?
  14. The month of April called. It wants its narrative back.
  15. No. You clearly need to just wait two more weeks.
  16. So personal responsibility? We should have that? But life is easier if the government just tells me I'm not allowed to do anything...
  17. I'm just absolutely shocked that Trump came out in favor of mask wearing, and people are finding a way to put a negative spin on it. Just shocked...
  18. Neither. You can go on and keep being hateful and spiteful towards people you disagree with, but by doing this you're no better than what you accuse Trump of being. Maybe, just maybe, you can try to be better. I'll hang up and listen, have a good night!
  19. You do know that it is entirely possible to be upset and not like a job someone is doing, and still feel sad and offer condolences when tragedy strikes. It's called being a human being.
  20. The world would be a better place if people didn't hate others as much as you seem to hate anybody who disagrees with you.
  21. They're waiting for November 4th. Then this will all go away.
  22. They don't exist. There are Trump supporters and people who don't like Trump. No such thing as Biden supporters.
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