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  1. Just stopping by to let you know that they didn't use tear gas. Smoke cannisters instead.
  2. Would like to remind everybody that this is an election year. If you think that's just a coincidence, then you're an idiot.
  3. It wasn't a statement that invokes segregation. It was a statement warning about the dangers of looting.
  4. Regardless, he was 100% correct.
  5. Remember when Trump tweeted "When the looting starts, the shooting starts" and caught a ton of flak for it? Well, https://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/gunman-shoots-12-year-old-boy-3-adults-in-kensington/2414467/
  6. The same Biden that said you aren't your own race if you don't fall in line and vote the way you're supposed to?
  7. I'm old enough to remember when the police arrested a woman for pushing her kid on a swing in the park a few weeks ago. At least the pandemic is over..
  8. To be fair, if a crew came up to me claiming to be from CNN and they were there to report on the news, I'd think they were lying as well.
  9. But verified Twitter losers are telling me it's Trump's fault for the CNN crew getting arrested?!?! Why would Walz be apologizing for it?!?!
  10. I think we should let the 37 million people who have lost their jobs decide if the "experts" deserve a break.
  11. To be fair, staying six feet away from somebody from EGF is a practice most should do.
  12. It's a horrible analogy for a reason. Relax, Karen.
  13. Cam wasn't healthy though.
  14. The Spicy Pie in Fargo was/is ten times better than the one in Forks.
  15. Not meant to be directed at you, more or less just agreeing with your point.
  16. Whoa whoa whoa. I was told that the media was not to be blamed for any of this and that if you did blame them, you were just regurgitating a "right-wing" talking point?
  17. Hey Old Fella, this is a joke about how Taco Bell food will make you feel. Just making sure you can keep up.
  18. Dude, if this is the hill you want to die on, then be my guest.
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