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  1. I'll say this. If you haven't posted a single time in a football thread all year, and then come here just to !@#$ on the team, you're part of the problem.
  2. Some of you people on here need to fucking relax.
  3. With hotel and restaurants connected to the field. An opposing team can arrive at their hotel and not go outside for 3 days if they didn't want to.
  4. All I know is I'll be pitching a tent if we win on Saturday.
  5. You just posted yesterday about not looking ahead to the ndsu game and focusing on this week..
  6. Thanks for your concern. I know we were all waiting for your opinion.
  7. Time flies cause it doesn't seem like it was that long ago.
  8. Completely forgot that Jeremy Chinn went to SIU.
  9. I said it before and I'll say it again. Special teams have absolutely been a positive for UND this year. This team isn't in the playoffs without how well our special teams have performed.
  10. If the staff is preparing for NDSU because they're ASSUMING anything next Saturday, then I'm all for firing everybody involved. Thankfully there is no chance anybody is doing that.
  11. Special teams blocking a punt vs Montana state is also the only reason we're in the playoffs. Today is a good day. Leave the negative stuff for another time.
  12. Not sure exactly but it's pretty telling that once he started playing, he became a big part of the offense.
  13. If Skokna had been healthy right from the get go, I have a feeling he would have played every single game.
  14. You use anybody you have to to get a win. Doesn't matter if you're a senior looking to get a red shirt or if you're a freshman who has already played 4 games. You put your best players out there and go for the W.
  15. Yes you use him. And if you win, you use him again.
  16. MVC wasn't tough this year though. Down year for the conference
  17. SiouxBoys


    You gave up on UND football last week.
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