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  1. MVC wasn't tough this year though. Down year for the conference
  2. SiouxBoys


    You gave up on UND football last week.
  3. SiouxBoys

    2019 Season

    I just have a strange feeling that if we made the playoffs, they would set us up to go to Brookings in the second round.
  4. As someone who will defend officiating, I will say the linesmen have really struggled tonight.
  5. Genuinely makes me sick.
  6. You actually dont though. You've already said you don't want them in the playoffs. I'm done with this pointless discussion
  7. I want the team to play well in the final two games and then make the playoffs. That's what I want.
  8. So because of a bad 16' playoff experience, we should hope to not make the playoffs ever again?
  9. You're right. The program would be way better off and completely benefit from not making the playoffs. Nothing absolutely ridiculous to see here.
  10. It was either going to be a time out or a delay of game. Didn't get the play off in time.
  11. Imagine losing by 3 on the road at the number 3 team in the country and then posting this. Woof.
  12. I'm actually convinced they didn't call Kett on the false start. Hes not moving.
  13. He looks pretty set on the replay
  14. I'm still going to question who moved early on the 4th and 1 false start. Seen the replay multiple times now and can't figure it out
  15. What decision? The decision to drop the ball?
  16. Drilled it. Atta boy Leach
  17. QB draw with Kett always works! Never a doubt!
  18. Who exactly was the false start on?
  19. Quick slant has been money all day
  20. Would have really liked to see a replay of the push off..
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