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  1. They were in. Unless Johnson and Bowen are on our first pp unit.
  2. Direct your complaints to Omaha. NCHC.TV isn't to blame.
  3. It was from behind. As Wilbur said, lucky that Adams was there or else that UNO player was going head first into the boards.
  4. Yeah really. Since when are you not allowed to hit guys from behind? Dang refs.
  5. Omaha's season isn't over after this game, why do you guys think they're going to risk getting suspended just before the playoffs?
  6. If he came back at you and said that he had reffed and was a very high level ref, would that mean you're wrong?
  7. Yes but the nominees for coach of the year were Paranica (edc coach of the year) and whoever the wda coach of the year was. Just like how the nominees for Mr. Hockey were Lawsonbody (edc player of the year) and Conner Hanson (wda player of the year).
  8. Green tinted glasses out in full force today lol.
  9. Because coach of the year is chosen before the edc tournament. Red River finishing 4th in the east wasn't going to win LaMoine coach of the year.
  10. I agree that the scope of reviews needs to be expanded.
  11. You run the risk of dirty players trying to get away with things. You're also putting a ton of faith in the on ice officials seeing everything.
  12. Pinto's hit was absolutely a five. No doubt. Caulfields five was weak.
  13. That's fine. Commit to the hit early and take a penalty.
  14. I 100% agree but the way the rules are written right now, that hit is five and a game automatically. Should the St. Cloud player do a better job at protecting himself? Sure. Should Pinto be smarter there and not throw a hit at a guy 4 feet off the boards? Yes.
  15. Who's picking a fight? I'm asking questions to the people who seem to think the NCHC is working against UND.
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