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  1. You offer, you get, then use them.
  2. 'What’s going on? If you go to the Site that has the Roster,Coaches, Stats etc the Schedule is there and all dates are correct on Sat except opening game on Thursday. I tried to Copy or get the Link but it didn’t work
  3. Those dates are all correct
  4. Thanks, forgot the Sched is on the tool bar of the Roster
  5. I found it. Aug 30. How come on a Thursday? Dang it. Can’t miss 2days of work. Shucks may not be able to come
  6. Off topic but I can’t find the schedule. What day in Aug is that first home game?
  7. I’m planning on coming up for the 1st game in August. Want to see a game live and I don’t have a rabbit foot but still would like to see a win. Big or small a win is a win. Do hotel reservations have be made really early? Do all you regular bloggers sit together as it w/be nice to meet some of you face to face? Maybe you tailgate together, huh?
  8. Also, I have watched games in the SEC and the NFL and TE’s are used often. A lot of talent going to waste.
  9. Finn flick


    Hey, I lost the Fav places for the Roster. Anybody help? Seems if sometimes I breath on this IPad it deletes, changes pages etc.
  10. Count me in. I’m starting to wonder where one went to grade school cuz teach never corrected bad spelling.
  11. Apparently pancakes don’t count. Maybe you need cataract surgery.
  12. Why then were they promised a ring? Was it all a joke? It’s not funny. I hear Basketball and Hockey got something. Rings, I don’t know. What are you emphasizing to your kids? Promises don’t have to be kept. Is that it? Cheap shot.
  13. Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t Mollberg have Spondiolitis? If so, not fun, very painful, and robs one of energy. I read the article about him. Felt so bad for him and the way he was treated.
  14. What? I ain’t heard that McElwain was let go unless it happened today. He is on the edge. SEC coaches win games or else. Maybe he would like a job in the tundra.
  15. Well, I guess as I don't recall when the 2017 Roster came out. New Roster lists him at 255 and that is a 20 lb. spread which is a lot. Don't you think? But thanks for the response. Go Hawks!
  16. What? I don't understand as it is really off. Fiedler didn't lose weight or flunk but carries a 4.0.
  17. Where did you get this Depth Chart? It is not accurate. Fiedler is a Jr at 250 lbs and he is a fraction of an inch under 6.6 from what I hear. Why then did they list him as 6.5 when he is closer to 6.6?
  18. Finn flick


    Women's volleyball game is on Pluto and will be til 9. Game is on Big Sky, believe it or not, we got it. Starts at 6 your time.
  19. Finn flick


    I was able to Cast last Saturday but it kept going off so I gave up and watched it on my a Tablet. Will try again this Saturday. Said 6 o'clock but what a Time Zone? Too early today for Pluto to show time. Prob Saturday morning. Go Hawks!
  20. Geaux, Thank you so much. Very interesting. It happens so fast, when looking at a distance it was hard for me to see instantly who had the ball. This play must take a lot of practice, no? Fun to watch for sure when executed by a good team.
  21. What is a draw in FB jargon? I was so disgusted I stopped watching the game w/ 8 minutes to go.
  22. I noticed the same thing today. Doesn't even make sense to be open like that and not get a throw. The whole scene makes me sick. Need an OlC from out East next year. And not a "Higgins" either.
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