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  1. Found the quote by Southpaw but he said "game plan" not play call is by the HC. If he wants to mix it up, run, pass etc who decides when?
  2. I am curious having never played the game myself, how many users on here are former FB players or know someone personally from a big school, college, or NFL? The reason I ask is because a poster on here said the HC calls the plays not the OC. Maybe I am misunderstanding him and should go back and find it so I could quote. Just the facts Ma'am, just the facts. Maybe too much blame on Rudy, I don't know.
  3. Finn flick

    Team Roster

    Why can't I find the Link for the Roster? Wanna see their faces, not only their #.
  4. I could be wrong but I saw only one drop pass to TE's....Cloyd.
  5. I thought I read it in that column on Pro 5 and Cupcake Football.
  6. I hate no names on the jerseys
  7. I noticed the same thing. Lucky to get a shot of the snap at all. I too like to see the formation
  8. I am so sick of this. Even the announcers said Fiedler was open for a touchdown. QB doesn't get any protection in the pocket. Evidently Tight Ends are 4th choice in a play. Disgusting!
  9. Testing my IPad cuz I signed in yesterday but never signed out so now I don't know if I'm in or out because I checked an "up" for helping BubbA but it never showed. Is it only for Alumni or Club Members? Just wanna help a bit.
  10. See above. My provider carries Pac12. Just watched Wash defeat Utah. Don't know when. Excellent coverage on this station.
  11. Finn flick


    Info please. What were these rings commemorating and what year? I am only three years on this board so a mere babe with UND.
  12. Thank you. I got it. So don't have to Cast but just turn on the TV and enjoy watching our guys play hard and win. Go Hawks.!!!
  13. OK, I found the Aps on my IPad. Which one do I choose? I didn't see Sling.
  14. Thanks, gonna try that now.
  15. Who is broadcasting the home games and others?
  16. I'm in Florida and new Provider is very small although it is not Cable but Dish and because it is a commercial account I cannot buy or order as an individual. Complicated? Yup.
  17. OK.. So do I Google PAC12? Never heard of them.
  18. Where do I watch the game. ESPN3? Time? Ya I know it was posted before but I forgot and now it is almost here. Hope I can cast it to the TV? Thanks
  19. Exactly. Spoken like a true Wardrobe Designer. heh heh
  20. My Quote didn't quote. About the face masking.
  21. Oops you are right, wrong terminology on my part
  22. Did you see Fiedler's catch? Wow took 7 guys to bring him down.
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