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  1. Correct but the first time is a bitch. had forgotten my P/W with my Cable Provider but now it is easy but Chrome Cast is touchy sometimes so need to reset the Router and unplug it and walla it Casts
  2. I don't know that it detects it. I had to scroll the list to see my cable Provider and had to have a P/W
  3. Hey Biz ...Did you play football? And BTW were you a Tight End?
  4. Correct...The fans don't win the game. The team wins the game and with our confidence and positive attitude it can go a long way to pushing them on to victory. Go Hawks we love you and support you for all you are and have become. BTW who won that Cent Ark-Ill game and what score? I watched the Spiders win but ya know what I just heard? Hawks just love to eat spiders.
  5. Are you guys referring to that pass to TE Fiedler in the end zone? Brilliant but not sure it was a called play. I think Brady saw the opening and took lt but then again, what do I know?
  6. I have no video, no radio so did the math. .was the score 23-13. was I right?
  7. I never got it. I used the Links. I started from scratch. I tried every which way. Nothing!!
  8. Was anyone else able to get Eversport? I have not. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  9. https://eversport.tv/big-sky/football/2016/11/5/north-dakota-at-northern-colorado
  10. I can't get it at all. Get Big Sky but only for UNC commercials yet it states that I am on live.....Grrrrrrr
  11. Yes I got it and the App so hope it works tomorrow. Thanks bunches.
  12. Just Installed the App and by magic many UND films popped but have no idea if I will get the game tomorrow. I did not previously have the App installed but, yet I got it. Go figure. Maybe the Russians have attacked my server.
  13. Here I am again. My PC is in the Hospital getting a new Heart so I may not have it back by game time tomorrow so doing a test run on my Android. It Cast before but now I cannot even get the Chrome Cast App to display. Unplugged the USB and replugged because doing so fixed a jerky video once. This time that trick didn't work. Any Chrome Cast Pros out there? My ER Dr not to familiar with Chrome.
  14. Guys who don't make the team can be on a Defense Practice team. Forget what it's called. Did I hear right?
  15. THank you so much for answering. What a shame. Just learned yesterday that that guys whk
  16. What's the name of the kid who who signed with the Falcons? Any chance he could be playing today or soon?
  17. I cast from my Android before but now I forgot how to do it again because it does have the game 2nd half. Last time I didn't even have to select the diff HDMI and it changed it to the Cast one correctly. Grrrrr
  18. OK guys I need P/C help. I got the link on my Android but now want to get it on my PC so I can cast it to the TV but it will not load. Right clicked black screen and it said it was not loading. Duh? Thought it could be Adobe Flash but when I click that Link it just makes a loud thud and nothing happens. Any quick ideas anyone?
  19. Wondering the same thing. Please clarify. If it was a late hit, I did not see, it. Thanks.
  20. Why don't we get the yardage and downs?? I hear it but would like to see it as well. What does a hard of hearing guy do?
  21. Tongue in cheek, you are very funny. Many years ago when I was very involved in politics I got rather flabbergasted when one gal had to go to a family members wedding. I understand this believe it or not. Besides guys don't relish weddings anyway.
  22. Oooops I'm sorry. Just grabbed the word FB by mistake
  23. Me? What? They lost again to the Cowboys yesterday. Have to admit it gets a bit disgusting We are steady fans, win or lose and also w/ the Cubbies. So let us stick with our Hawks, win or lose but support them 100%, give them hope no matter what. Our bitching all the time will never make them better players. But the former coaches and players on here see things called that even we non FB players see all the time.
  24. Because of the rivalry dared not Post before but gotta tell you that kid is awesome as well as a nice guy from what I've heard. We are Chicago Bears fans so watched a lot of the Eagles Bear game. He is far better than Jameis Winston from FSU drafted on the first round to the Bucs. Quick, accurate and doesn't hang in the pocket. Everyone loves to watch talent and the whole state of ND should be proud.
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