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  1. Great post @SWSiouxMN. With this kind of write up who needs the newspaper?
  2. But being exempt allows you to be on this forum just about any time you want...
  3. I think the first step is getting depth on the lines. If your 1s are playing 40 snaps instead of 60 snaps you win crunch time against the middle tier and down. You will still get a handful of elite players who are under recruited, ie Santiago, along the way. Also, get a quarterback in every class.
  4. 3Putt

    2019 Season

    Sorry I don't remember the circumstances that year. How did UND get penalized for a win over Wyoming? I can understand feeling that UND didn't get enough credit but penalized?
  5. There's a house in Fargo that has been for sale with an asking price of about $1M for more than 10 years. The demand must be insane?
  6. UNI went from unknown at 0-0 to somewhat known by losing on the road in 3OT to an FBS team thought to be pretty good. It seems like you assume the preseason poll was more accurate than the one after a game has been played.
  7. So what was the NCAA's reply? Is it "later"?
  8. What often gets overlooked in these cases is travel time. Is the employee traveling on personal time or work time? Flying Monday morning/Friday morning is a lot different that Sunday night/Friday night.
  9. Good to know that's what you call critical thinking. I would have thought you were trying to deflect.
  10. I didn’t ask you to speculate on what is the truth. I asked if there are any other possibilities besides slander and staff maleficence. It was a yes or no question. A few of the other board members have showed their critical thinking skills - do you want to take a turn?
  11. Those are the only two options? You can't think of any other possibilities?
  12. What place are the G5 teams that can’t win a national championship playing for? An undefeated Sun Belt team wouldn’t make the playoffs.
  13. You can follow along with some delay at ESPN.com. http://www.espn.com/college-football/game?gameId=400927136
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