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  1. Maybe everyone on the team could legally change their last name to Sioux for the season.
  2. Siouxphan27

    2013 Playoffs

    I'm in Fargo right now and all the fast food joints are closed. Apparently all FU grads got the day off to watch the game.
  3. I don't really understand why people assume everything will be the same because the new hires are UND guys.... It's not like they are all clones just because they have similar backgrounds. Some of the most important aspects of successfully coaching a team would include instilling an attitude, a discipline, and a strong level of commitment. This is accomplished with leadership from the staff. Schemes may be similar, but the quality of leadership at the top is vastly improved IMO.
  4. Are there Any links to the presser for those of us that couldn't be there?
  5. Ndsu fans spend their hard earned minimum wage cash two things- busses and beer; not facilities. The BSA makeover is what, 10 years in the making and just got official approval? I can't imagine how long an IPF will take. It's great that Grand Forks is able to help out in their time of need.
  6. It's the intangibles that we will never know, I.e. players lost to transfer or potential recruits that have made up their mind to go elsewhere during the last two weeks while the program continues to spin its wheels with no leader. If you think it's reasonable for HR and Faison to take 2 weeks to narrow the list, make 9 phone calls, and conduct 2 interviews, well, all I can say is congratulations on your government job.
  7. Well I guess it's a good thing no one asked you, since you clearly don't get it.
  8. Christmas freaking day? Wtf is Faison planning? Leave a lump of coal in one's stocking, and a Sioux helmet on the mantle for the other guy? This just keeps getting weirder.
  9. I'm going on a NATIONAL SEARCH tonight for beer and pizza. I'll report my findings around 35 days from now.
  10. I wonder how the applicants that are still employed at other universities are enjoying the snail's pace hiring process... I would think they feel an obligation to their current employer to not leave them hanging in limbo forever. And they are perhaps feeling a little pressure as well. I would not be surprised to see named withdrawn soon. Add to that the applicants who accept positions at other universities, and the end result may be choosing between chuckthepigskin and mr. Subway.
  11. We soon won't have to worry about recruits; as there won't be any. Faison has wasted the opportunity to bring in a new coach early enough to allow the new guy a chance to make contact with recruits before year end. FCS is allowed to contact recruits thru the 23rd of December. Sitting around with family over the holidays is when a lot of college decisions will be discussed. Our rudderless ship of a program will not be considered until a coaching staff explaining its philosophy can demonstrate to a kid his skills will be utilized in our system. Any current players that are questioning their futures need answers as well. I said it a few days ago and I see many others share my opinion that upon hearing the app was designed for Tibesar, I lost a lot of faith in this process. Completely unrealistic idea given the opportunities Tibesar has at the NFL level.
  12. I believe the one month "dead period" on recruiting only applies to FBS schools. It was brought up in the Craig bohl discussions- that he wouldn't miss out much on Wyoming recruiting as he continues to coach the bison. So, as every other FCS school is out working hard on recruiting, we are picking our thumbs and twiddling our a$$es, aimlessly taking our time to help assure our new coach is completely behind the 8-ball in his effort to assemble a staff and try to steal other teams' recruits.
  13. The moment I heard the qualifications were in fact designed for Tibesar, I immediately started losing confidence....that was such an unrealistic shot in the dark, that its frightening to think what's going to happen if that's what the brain trust came up with for its plan to pursue a new coach.
  14. Thanks for posting this info. I've been on the Pflu bandwagon and this further solidifies my hope that he is the one. If Faison isn't at work tomorrow, hopefully he's out with the Pflu!
  15. I wonder if we are all over thinking this, as we're all anxious to find out. If Faison would stop by siouxsports.com and give us an inside scoop, I think we could all agree not to tell anyone, right?
  16. Hate to say this but I'm losing faith with each day that goes by, especially after Faison's comments about Christmas. If he had a candidate locked up that hasn't formally applied, it would have been a done deal right after the deadline. We aren't the only ones looking for a coach. If he waits much longer we will hear more news about candidates withdrawing their name from consideration than hearing names of more possible candidates.
  17. From a VERY unreliable source; None other than John Madden has applied- he will accept the position only if allowed to hire the Subway sandwich artist as his Special meaTs Coordinator.
  18. He's making a list, checking it twice, gonna find out who's naughty or nice, Brian Faison's narrowing, them down..... He's seen you when you're coaching, he knows of your mistakes, he knows if your teams have been bad or good, so be good for UND's sake. Oh, You better not suck, better not lose, turn this thing around and we'll celebrate with booze, Brian Faison's coming, to town!!!
  19. Wyoming message board seems to indicate they don't think klieman is joining bohl. Of course, those posters are probably as 'in the know' as I am. But if its true, Caruso would still be available. 1. Pflu 2. Caruso Whoever it is, hope its done soon and can get on with recruiting.
  20. I really can't fathom BB applying. The risk far outweighs the reward. Hes too young to be intrigued by the "go home to where it all began" idea. He's doing a good job as QB coach at an FBS school....if he keeps it up, maybe soon an OC at an FBS, then a HC. Why would he go down a level at this age? And, who would he bring with him? His contacts are nfl and big time FBS people; how many of them is he going to convince to move up to Timbuktu ND to take a pay cut, and lets be honest here, take over a team that to the outside world appears to be in disarray? We need an experienced HC with enough connections to immediately bring in a high quality support staff. Pflu yeah yeah.......yeah Pflu Pflu!
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