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  1. John Buccigross @Buccigross · 1h 1 hour ago Arizona St First step in PAC12 hockey? It appears there is great interest there. TV network helps.
  2. But could hurt UND also. Are you a college hockey fan more than a UND fan? Anyway, I'm interested in hearing more.
  3. I like this ASU add, but I really think it ultimately tears up the conference 5 years from now and hurts North Dakota and Miami in the end via diluting recruiting and TV appearances.
  4. John Buccigross ‏@Buccigross · 2m2 minutes ago NCHC is likely home for Arizona State. Greg Powers, who coaches ASU to ACHA (Club) National Title last year will be likely coach I was told.
  5. I'm all for ASU joining NCHC, but I'd be very wary of more PAC12 teams launching because if you like being in a league with ASU, then I think they would be gone soon and possibly taking Denver and CC with them so it would be very short-lived. Big 12 teams are the way to go. West Virginia, Iowa State, Oklahoma, Texas should be the target NCHC teams. Longhorn Network could be an addition to NCHC without tearing the conference up. PAC12 Network is likely behind the ASU decision same as the Big Ten Network. They are the guinea pig. If they are successful than U of Arizona, Washington, Co
  6. Creighton sure draws some monster crowds so I wouldn't say that Husker Football is the only thing Nebraskan's care about. Creighton basketball averaged 17,200 fans over the 17-game home season last year. Good for 7th best in the nation. UNO needs to work on getting more of that.
  7. "That's the $60 million question. According to sources, that's the magic number, and a private donor from the Detroit area has pledged $30 million. Sources also say two other private donors have each committed $10 million. If true, WMU seems well on its way to replacing 40 year-old Lawson Ice Arena. http://www.mlive.com/broncos/index.ssf/2013/08/western_michigan_ad_kathy_beau_5.html#04 Western Michigan has plans they keep throwing out there but need to wrap up funding and get some shovels in the ground. They recently diverted money that was supposed to go toward a new basketball scoreb
  8. BG is very bitter at Miami and WMU and is the catalyst of all the "new" CCHA talk. They've lobbied and made a bunch of noise to Miami, WMU and Atlantic Hockey schools who want to offer full scholly allottment to form a "new" CCHA. They want Buffalo to start a program and want Ferris to join. Getting BG in the NCHC will calm all the talk of realignment in my opinion but I only want them in if they upgrade their program and fully resource it. If they are fully resourced and upgrade facilities they have potential. WMU needs to follow through to. I think eventually BG may succeed in a new
  9. If you rewind 3 years ago WMU for the first time in their history were playing good hockey under Blashill. The NCHC always wanted more than the original 6 and the thought then was that Notre Dame and WMU would be 7 and 8 and them and Miami would make a good eastern wing. WMU was on the fence for getting an invite and was lobbying hard to get in. Im not sure if you remember or heard outside of the CCHA but the WMU athletic director had this huge "Why Western" campaign with videos and a website and the whole nine yards. They were making promises of a fancy new coach and a new $65 million hoc
  10. “@LetsPlay_Hockey: Iowa State University is still pursuing a Division I men’s hockey varsity program. The logical league for them to join would be the WCHA.” http://board.uscho.com/showthread.php?100654-Iowa-State-pursuing-D1-Hockey Miami "fans" would be happy with a ASU/BG set-up if it was determined to increase value to the conference. It all comes down to travel and travel costs for the Miami Admin. BG would help that out. There were also rumblings about Miami players having to adjust to much more time on the road compared to what they were used to. Many Miami fans really miss t
  11. Getting Iowa State spooled up and on board would be much better than adding Arizona State in my opinion. Iowa State is located perfectly in the footprint, would add to the TV deal with their Cyclone TV and Big 12 connections, and would have much better fan support and would be a much better rival than sparky who would be looking to get out of the NCHC as soon as they lobbied enough PAC12 schools who want to fill the PAC12 Network with new content. The Big 12 isn't going to have their own network and there is little risk of Iowa State ever leaving. Iowa State needs to find the financial d
  12. Nice hard fought game by both teams. Love this outcome for Miami because everybody expected a split so the pressure is off for us. See ya tomorrow.
  13. I love watching Hakstol give interviews. He's a trip. Stairs intensely into the camera.
  14. Miami's Gamenotes: http://www.muredhawks.com/pdf9/2968211.pdf
  15. Glad UND, the Alabama of hockey (eyes rolling), yawns at Miami. Complacent is fine.
  16. I'm a football fan first, then hockey, and as bad as Miami Football is right now, they'd still demolish UND so I would't consider Miami a lesser program with nearly 700 wins and good for Top 25 wins in all of FBS.
  17. Oh BTW, the NCHC's #1, #3, #4, and #5 Top Goal Scorers all hail from Miami. http://www.nchchockey.com/page/show/1219043-nchc?subseason=161626 Miami has the NCHC's Top Point Leader, Top Scorer, Top Assist Leader, and Top Goalie Winner. The NCHC stats page is lit up red....
  18. Why does everybody keep saying Miami has good forwards but no goalie? Miami's Jay Williams just got NCHC Goalie of the week. Leads the NCHC in wins (7-1) Is second in the NCHC in GAA (1.64) and has a save % of .921 http://www.nchchockey.com/page/show/1219043-nchc?subseason=161626 Those stats looks good too me. I hope UND is overlooking our defense because of the injuries Miami had last year. We also have some D transfers.
  19. So is one of these games this weekend on FCS?
  20. Miami still puts Tomahawks on the wall in the football locker room after big wins. Too bad this is hockey or Miami would have two more Tomahawks going up on Monday.
  21. "So: if you just signed up for an account and want to post, PLEASE send an e-mail to chuck@miamihawktalk.com, and I will try to get you activated ASAP. If you don't send an e-mail to me, understand that we may miss you, and -- if you're a visiting fan -- you may not be able to post before the game you're here to post about. So send those e-mails! EDIT: You can also e-mail devilgrad@miamihawktalk.com, and he'll get back to you in a day or two. Same for mattsledge@gmail.com." http://www.miamihawktalk.com/discussion/viewtopic.php?t=54382 Email those three above, be persistent but courteous.
  22. I don't know how this turns out but if Miami gets swept there will be some moaning, wheeping, and knashing of teeth in Oxford.
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